Chords : 'Meri duniya hai' from 'Vaastav'

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  1. bathroomsinger

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    Hello everyone,
    I m posting the chords of this melodious song from Vaastav. I am slightly doubtful about the accuracy(I have used only 2 chords throughout the song). So please have a look,try the chords,tell how they sound and come up with suggestions plz.

    Song : Meri Duniya Hai
    Singer : Sonu Nigam
    Key : A major

    Meri Duniya hai tujhme kahin

    Tere bin main kya kuch bhi nahi

    meri jaan mein teri jaan hai

    oh saathi mere (stop for a moment)

    Meri duniya hai.......

    Stanza :

    Palkon mein tere roop ka sapna saza liya

    Pehli nazar mein hi tujhe apna bana liya

    Hai yahiiiiii aarzooooooo

    Har ghadiiii baithi raho mere saamne

    Meri duniya hai........

    Awaiting the feedback.
  2. bathroomsinger

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    VINI and SOUMAN, atleast u reply so that I can get to know if I m getting the chords right.
    To vini - the next song is also almost ready and I will be posting it in a day or two. I m putting quite a fight, so you plz spare a couple of mins and keep checking the chords I m posting and telling me whether I m right or wrong.

    And Mr. BANDBAAJA, I will be really grateful to you if you just go through my threads (only 3-4 are thr) and give ur valuable feedback.

  3. pikrohit

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    hey... i dont think these are the right cords. the song is in the key of A though
  4. vini

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    Good Job dude....i wont say if ur right or wrong anywhere...but as u've asked for my help..iL post the chords i figured out!
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  6. tanvi a

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    hi can u give me tabs of this song i want to try them 1st

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