Chords - Meenaxi - Chinnamma Chilakkamma

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    Hey guys. Back after quite a while. I just heard this song and went abolutely fida over it. The lyrics seem so (whats the word) - kinda local. But the music is sweet, real far out. No guitaring in it but the bass guitar is beautiful. I thought I'd try my hand at chordin this song. Just three chords I think. Most of the song is just played on the E chord but moves on to A and then Bm. I think I have one chord missing but can't seem to get it. I don't think u need the song to figure out the sequence of chords. Pretty straight forward.

    BTW, trying to figure out the tabs for "Bulla Ki Janne". In a while....

    Keep on Rockin :rockon:

    And a Happy New Year to ALL U lovely people! :band:
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    Happy new year yo yo too....
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