Chords: LIVIN' ON A PRAYER - Bon Jovi ... my Version with only 4 simple chords

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    Song: LIVIN' ON A PRAYER (Acoustic)
    Band: Bon Jovi

    :rock:Strumming Pattern: | d - d u | d u d u |

    Em Em Em Em C D 
    [i]Sambora's blowjob[/i]
    Em Em C    D    Em
          [i]Jovi speaks[/i]
    Tommy used to work on the docks
    Union's been on strike                                 
    Em                             C           D                         
    He's down on his luck ... it's tough,  
    So tough ...
    Gine works the diner all day
    Workin' for her man, 
    Em                          C        D
    She brings home her pay for love ... 
    For love...                         
                            C    D     Em
    She says, "We've got to hold on to what we've got
       C              D                   Em
    It doesn't make a difference if we'll make it or not     
          C       D          Em
    We've got eachother, and that's a lot   
        C              D
    For love ... We'll give it a shot
    Em        C        D
    Ooh we're half way there
    G   C
    Ooh ooh    
          D          Em
    We're livin'on a prayer
    Em       C      
    Take  my hand... 
          D          C
    We'll make it, I swear
    G   C
    Ooh ooh    
          D           Em
    We're LIVIN' ON A PRAYER."
    Tommy got his six string in hock
    Now he's holdin' in what he used 
       Em                C         D
    To make it talk - so tough ...      
    So tough ...
    Gina dreams of running away
    When she cries in the night 
                               C        D
    Tommy whispers - Baby it's okay ...    
    [b]Guitar Solo[/b]: Em Em D C Em Em D C Em
             C    D
    We gotta hold on
    May be it day or night
        C                          D
    You live for the love - that's all that you got
    [b]Chorus[/b][i]one note higher[/i]
    :band:play it:band:
    :dance:enjoy it:dj:

    will be waitin 4 ur replies :yawn:

    cheers :beer:

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    excellent chords.
  3. paranoid13rohan

    paranoid13rohan .: iNDiaN iDioT 3.0 :.

    thanx ppl !!! ... these among those songs which sound good on both acoustic and electric ... enjoy !!!

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