Chords: Karpoora bommai - Keladi Kanmani (1990)

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    Composed by IR and sung by P. Susheela.

    Raaga Jukebox

    (D)Karpoora (Gm)Bommai Ondru
    (D)Kai Veesum (Gm)Thendral Ondru
    (Gm)Kalarnthaada Kai Koarkkum Nae(D)ram
    (Gm)Kannoaram Aanantha Ee(D)ram
    (Gm)Muthae En (D)Muthaaramae
    (Gm)Sabai Yaerum (D)Paadal
    (D)Nee Paada(Gm)mma (D)Nee Paada(Gm)mma

    (G)Poonthaerilae (C)Nee Aada(G)vae
    (Am)Undaana (F)Anbe Oru (G)Raajaangam
    (G)Rajaangamae (C)Aanantha(G)mae
    (Am)Nam Veedu (F)Ingae Oru (G)Sangeetham
    (G)Maanae Un Vaarthai Veen(C)gaa(D)ram
    (G)Malarae En Nenjil Nind(C)raa(D)dum
    (Gm)Muthae En (D)Muthaaramae
    (Gm)Sabai Yaerum (D)Paadal
    (D)Nee Paadam(Gm)ma (D)Nee Paadam(Gm)ma

    Rajesh :music:
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    Great ! Thanks
  3. vs.suresh

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    Nice Song Rajesh...

    Thanks for posting the Chords.

    Keep posting...
  4. Guitarsen

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    D Major and G Minor rare combo and stanza starts with G Major, must be pure raaga based. Could be pallavi and stanza have different raagams. Thanks Rajesh, this song always haunts me. Somehow this song takes me to "Poongkaviyam Pesum Oviyam" from Karpoora Mullai.
  5. rajeshguitar

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    Great chords, nice song selection, thank you Rajesh.
    Good observation Senthil, a common usage is Dmaj and Gmaj chords.
  6. roentgen

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    'Ellorum sollum pattu' from Marupadiyum comes to mind although it is a very different song.
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    what a great song. this one brings me tears every time wen I hear

    thanks sir
  8. SATHYA167

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    Nice song........ thanks for the chords......... Sathya

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