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    There are only 5 notes in this song, ie, a pentatonic scale. Note octave may change but the notes remain the same. In D scale, the notes used are only D, E, G, A and B. Found out on google that this raga is called 'Shuddha Saveri'. Other notable song in this raga is 'Kovil mani osai' from Kizhake Pogum Rayil.

    Composed by Ilaiyaraja.
    Sung by P.Jayachandran, Sundanda.
    D, 4/4

    (D4)Kadhal mayakkam…(G)
    Azhagiya (D4)kangal thudikkum
    (Em)Aazhinangal paravasam ingu anumathi ilavasam
    Thannai marantha anupavam rendu kangalin abinayam
    (G)Thaegam…..konjam silirkkindra(D4)thae
    (G)Maegam….pola (Em)mithakkindra(D4)thae
    Mezhu(G)gaai uru(A4)gum azha(G)gae

    (G)Naan thoongum vaelai
    (G6)Kanavugal (Em)thollai(G)….(Em)……(G)……(Em)….ee
    (G)Naan thoongavillai
    (G6)Kanavugal (Em)illai
    (Em)Meiyaa poiyaa
    (D4)Meithaan aiyaa
    (G)Naan thoongavillai
    (G6)Kanavugal illai
    (Em)Meiyaa poiyaa
    (D4)Meithaan aiyaa
    (G)Paadhaththil veezhntha (Em)pournamiyae
    (G)Maarbinai theendu (Em)maargazhiyae
    (Em)Pattum padaamal (G)thottum thodamaal
    (A4)En penmai (G)thindaadum
    (Em)Unnodu (A4)mandraadum

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    Thank you for sharing this!
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    Nice Chords Rajesh...
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    Hi Rajesh,
    Wow!! What a song. Thank you very much for giving vital info about the Raaga and scale information.
    Beautiful composition by Maestro without the usage of C# and F# in D Major. Ppppppppppppppppaaaa!!!
    Loved the unique strumming pattern of Guitar chords throughout the song. Guitar lead in 2nd BGM is superb!

    Loved the progression on - D4, A4, G6 chords Rajesh... Superb feel. Kalakiteenga!!

    Thank you very much.

    Kind regards,
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    Another in my list, thank you.
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    Thank you very much for the chords Rajesh, We have a song in Rajakumaran "Sithagathi Pookale" where the songs starts with the exact ascending notes
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    I love this chord, always save time to play this one. :)
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