Chords for Vennira Iravugal Song from Yuvan - Awesome

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    It's just Fm, Ab, Eb, Bb thru out.
  3. deimos

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    "capo" in first fret and u can play "|Em|G|D|A|" throu' out the song only the strumming changes here and there :D
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    Superb song selection


    Superb song selection



  5. venukailash

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    Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams ~ Peasu - Vennira Iruvugal
  6. Priyam05

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    can anyone give the strumming steps... im a begginer, still learning.
  7. deimos

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    Play the chords which i have mentioned putting capo in first fret

    for explaination about capo see here :

    Also For the benifit of others please do refer this links for info on capo

    What Is a Capo? | Lessons @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com Using a capo on the guitar - Page 2

    there are 2 different strumming in this song one is :

    and second strumming which comes in the middle of the song is


    i have mentioned which chord to be played using which strumming

    D= Down strike
    U= UP strike
    -= pause

    hope this explains. please shoot back if u have more quires

    also check

    Easy Songs (Guitar Lesson) Acoustic Guitar Lesson - Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams - YouTube

    Boulevard of Broken Dreams Acoustic Guitar Lesson - Green Day - YouTube

    which is the original version of this song

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