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  1. Rohan

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    @Nishant-These sound better than yours.I checked on keyboard too,'Tere Liye' Can never start on Ab.I appriciate your work though.
    @All-Plz Comment.

    1.Tere Liye-(Try playing higher position chords)

    Tere liye hum hain jiye hothon ko siye
    Tere liye hum hain jiye har aansoon piye

    Dil main magar jalte rahe
    Chahat ke diye
    Tere Liye, tere liye

    Zindagi le ke aayi hai bite din ki kitab
    Ghere hai ab humein yaadein behisaab
    Bin pooche mile mujhe kitne sare jawab

    Chaha tha kya paaya hai kya humne dekhiye

    Dil main magar...

    2.Mein yahan hoon.

    Janam dekh lo mit gayi duriyan
    Main yahan hoon yahan hoon yahan hoon yahan

    Tum chupa na sakogi main who raz hoon
    Tum bhula na sakogi who andaaz hoon

    Small Guitar Interlude:

  2. nishantsaran

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    yaar.. dunno...i think you are right in saying that the song must start with C#m and not Ab sounds much fuller...thanks for correction :D
    but see when you play the lead then the "Tere Liye" it starts on Ab (why would they chose such dumb of Lata ji's age i guess)

    but i still think that for the rest of the chorus i think movement from F# to E sounds better...

    also for the high pitched Tere Liye dont you think that transition from C#m to D# sounds better?

    pata personal opinion... but what with the third and fifths being replacable for any chords...we can use Ab instead of C# :)

    i tabbed the song according to the notes of the maybe the strumming might be different... koz it sounds pretty okay to me...

    will try yours at better hours tomorrow..and let you know :)

    nice work though keep up the good work...nothing better than healthy feedback to make a guitarist tick
  3. thnx buddy will try the chords later
  4. Jay Shah

    Jay Shah New Member

    do u have tabs or solo keys for this song
  5. lalbamboo

    lalbamboo New Member

    try Eb minor in "ghere hain ab mujhe " that sounds better
  6. chatty_arko

    chatty_arko New Member

    nice try bt few minor changes reqd

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