Chords for "Ullam Endroru Koyilile" from Anbe Vaa

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    Could you please work on "Ullam Endroru Koyilile" song from Anbe Vaa, this song has a very clear Rhythm Guitar following, I guess it starts like; please correct me if I am wrong

    G G#
    Anbe Vaa Anbe Vaa

    G F
    Ullam Endroru Koyilile Deivam Vendum Anbe Vaa
  2. thamboo

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    Hi Roentgen, can you please try chords for this song? have been searching for it for so many days
  3. roentgen

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    anbae (G)vaa anbae (G#)vaa vaa (F)vaa (G)vaa

    (Eb)ullam endroru kovili(Bb)lae
    (F)dheivam (Eb)vaendum anbae vaa
    (Bb)kangal endroru solaiyil(Eb)ae
    (Cm)thenral vaendum (Eb)anbae vaa

    anbae (G)vaa anbae (G#)vaa vaa (F)vaa (G)vaa

    (Eb)nee irundhaal en maaligai (Fm)vilakkeriyum
    (F)nizhal koduththaal en ninaivugal (Eb)vizhiththukkollum
    (Cm)paadhaiyilae (Bb7)velichchamillai (Cm)pagal iravu (Bb7)puriyavillai
    paarvaiyum theriyavillai
    (Eb)aayiram dhaan (Bb)vaazhvil varum (Eb)nimmadhi varuvadhillai

    Rajesh :music:
  4. rajeshguitar

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    Excellent chords, thanks for sharing.

    Thanks for the request, you've picked a good song.

  5. thamboo

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    Thank you very very much Roentgen, I remember that I watched this movie with my mother 'n sister back in 1990 (I reckon) in Crawford(Trichy); since then have been a fan of MGR
  6. jack daniel

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    one small correction ...

    anbae (G)vaa anbae (G#)vaa vaa (Bb)vaa (G)vaa (here 3/4)th

    from here (4/4)th
    (Eb)nee irundhaal en maaligai (Fm6)vilakkeriyum (because the D note is shown prominently there)
    (F)nizhal koduththaal en ninaivugal (Eb)vizhiththukkollum
    (Eb)paadhaiyilae [(G Actually but(Fm 6) is nice there)]velichchamillai (Eb)pagal iravu (Fm 6)puriyavillai
    (Bb)paarvaiyum (Ab)theriyavillai
    (Cm)aayiram dhaan (Bb)vaazhvil varum (G7)nimmadhi (Eb)varuvadhillai (G)

    Always be happy life comes once
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  7. rajeshguitar

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    Jack Daniel,
    I tried with the tweak, it sound nice with the Fm6.
    Thank you,
  8. jack daniel

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    Just one hint in msv's composing three accidental chords are usually used { 6th , 7th(either minor or major) and half dim's }

    Always be happy life comes once

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