Chords for, "Tu hi meri shaab hain"

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    These are the chords of the song "Tu hi meri shaab hain", that was in the movie gangster.

    Tu hi meri shaab hain, subha hain. Tu hi meri
    Tu hi mera rab hain, jahan hain. Tu hi din hain
    G c
    Tu waqt, meray liya.
    G E
    Mein hoon tera lamha.
    G C
    Kaisay rahan ga bhala.
    G E
    Ho kay, tu mujhsay Judaa.
    E C
    Ho ho ho hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo. Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo.
    E C
    Ankay teri shabnmi chahra tera aaeina
    E C
    Tu hain udasi bharri. Koey hainsee danstaan.
    G C
    Dil mein hain kiya.
    G C
    Kuch too baatan
    E C
    Kyun hain bhalaa
    G C
    Khud say Khafa.

    Repeat for the rest of the song. The sonf is made on the E minor scale if you want it's composition.
  2. badullah

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    its a very simple Am G F song.
  3. premierlalit

    premierlalit New Member

    thanks 4 the chord
  4. dish

    dish New Member

    thnks dude ll try it
  5. altamashnayyer

    altamashnayyer New Member

    I hope my damn chords will help. I think the song is composed on the E minor harmonic scale. I am not sure as to whether these chords are a 100% accurate or exactly like the one in the song, but they stil harmonize with it accurately.
  6. fahim2003

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    No Its not.. Match zubeen's scale while singing with it you would know. Badalluh's recommendation match the origional singing!
  7. sheermelody

    sheermelody Pianist

    I think the song is composed on the E minor harmonic scale.

    Even if it is, I wonder what the E chord is doing in the song. Even if I replace all occurrences of E with Em, it doesn't work.

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