Chords for the song "Muskurata hua, Gul khilata hua..."

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  1. Vikas Mohindra

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    I need chords for the song "Muskurata hua, Gul khilata hua..." of the movie Lahu Ke Do Rang.

  2. devilss_code

    devilss_code New Member

    hi there,
    here are the tabs and chords of tht song... sorry i didnt know major part of the lyrics ;p ...
    this is wht i think it could be like .. i had heard this song only once.... may be its not perfect.. :D

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  3. souman_das

    souman_das New Member

    hi vikas,
    this is really an awesome song,i just love the feel it creates.
    the movie is lahu ke do rang and music dirctor is Bappi Lahiri and sung by Abhas Kumar Ganguly

    the key is Am and the chords used are Am,G,Fmaj7,C and Csus2 and Em.

    the chords are simple but the song really have some cool guitar pieces,i hope you have heard those.
    if you want i can post them otherwise i have posted the chords used in the song.
    you just need to arrange it accordingly.

  4. Caesarleo

    Caesarleo New Member

    Hi Soumen,

    Can u tell us on the lyrics how do you use the above said chords? And what would be the notes of Csus2?

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