Chords for the song Kandisa by Indian Ocean

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  1. jitesh2025

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    These are the chords for the song Kandisa by Indian Ocean
    I think that D major is the original scale that is why I have started
    From D major chord. Any suggestion and comments are welcomed

    D A
    kandisa alla hyaaa

    D A
    kandisa esanaaaa 2 times

    D A
    alam balam aalam...

    D A E
    amenu amea ayaaaaaaaa

    D A E
    shre har mar yooo sayaaaaaaaaa.....

    D A E
    albaguba kudisa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

    D A
    anganae dhanusaaaa...

    D A E
    navae dhukhrada aaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

    D A
    kandisa allahaaa

    D A
    kandisa esanaaa

    D A E
    kandisa la ma yosa is raha ma nea

    The tab Piece between the song


    D A E
    aeaaaaaaaaaa aea laaaaaaaa (alap)

    D A
    is ragaaaa malaaaaaaa

    D A
    is raghaaaa malaaaaaa
  2. drag stag

    drag stag New Member

    how do u strum it
  3. mastermind_jinx

    mastermind_jinx New Member

    great work dude!!:beer:
  4. mastermind_jinx

    mastermind_jinx New Member

    just a lil bit of correction
    please try D A D instead of D A E
  5. Morbid_Angel

    Morbid_Angel Sid the sloth

    can any1 upload the song..i dont find a place to downlaod zis.
  6. Enkaynitin

    Enkaynitin New Member

    One-and Two-and Three-and four-and
    Down Down up-up up down

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