Chords for Sumon Chottopadhyay songs

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  1. moeinuk

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    Hi everyone,

    I, am a guitarist by hobby, and a music lover by passion. I've been passively following this site for quite sometime now. And amazingly have noticed songs of Sumon Chattopadhay doesn't feature much (the only exception is 'tomake chai') . Well it's not a rock guitarists music. But definitely extremely playable with an accoustic.

    Why don't you experts out there [arindam, sayan and those I don't know by name] post chords and tabs for sumon chattopadhay? I would definitely be a great help for many Sumon fans like us.

    Let this be a thread for Sumon Chattopadhay. What say guys?

    Keep strumming,
  2. love_guitar

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    Dude if you want the experts to notice put a "Req" at the front of your title.


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