chords for sholey ::yeh dosti

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  1. satan_rulez_u

    satan_rulez_u New Member

    (Bm) Yeh dosti (G) hum (D)nahin todenge (G)
    Todenge (C) dam magar (Am) tera saath (Bm) na (Am) chhodenge(G)

    (D) Ae meri jeet (Em) teri jeet, (D) teri haar (Em) meri haar
    (D) Sun ae (C) mere (Bm) yaar
    (D) Tera gham (Em) mera gham, (D) meri jaan (Em) teri jaan
    (D) Aisa (C) apna (Bm) pyaar
    (Bm) Jaan (C) pe bhi (Am) khelenge, tere (C) liye (Bm) le lenge
    Jaan (C) pe bhi (Am) khelenge, tere (C) liye (Bm) le lenge
    Sab se dushmani(G)

    Logon ko aate hain do nazar hum magar
    Dekho do nahin
    Arre ho judaa ya khafa ae khuda hai dua
    Aisa ho nahin
    Khaana peena saath hai
    Marna jeena saath hai
    Khaana peena saath hai
    Marna jeena saath hai
    Saari zindagi

    AGAIN--the Bm can be subsituted with G...
    There we go the whole song..
  2. Khopdi

    Khopdi New Member

    Awesome Chords... good work dude...
  3. satan_rulez_u

    satan_rulez_u New Member

    replies r really encouraging
  4. Tequila Sunrise

    Tequila Sunrise New Member

    they are great chords.. but i just have a suggestion, how would Em sound in place of Bm.. i could be wrong but give it a try.. its just that Bm doesn't 100% percent fit
  5. satan_rulez_u

    satan_rulez_u New Member

    it must sound good vith singin as it also depends on the voice as vell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. jayna_420

    jayna_420 New Member

    great song dude!!! :rockon:

    will try them out tonight and let you know how they sound.. ;)
  7. thbest

    thbest New Member

    sounds dam good. Thanks bro! but i get messed with Em ****. Guitar looks out of tune. lol
  8. jayna_420

    jayna_420 New Member

    i loved them... ;)

    thanks hon....i look forward to loads more (hint hint! ;))
  9. Bandbaaja

    Bandbaaja Pronounced Band Baaaa Ja

    I haven't worked this song, but it certainly sounds right
    good work satan/god

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