Chords for "O Nenje Needhaan Paadum" from "Darling Darling Darling"

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  1. thamboo

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    Hi All,

    Please provide Chords for this song "O Nenje" from "Darling Darling Darling" (Bhagyaraj movie composed by Shankar-Ganesh), I am not that skilled now to pick chords by ear, my chord find application screws the whole pattern

  2. thamboo

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    Oops, still no reply?
  3. roentgen

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    Here's how I hear it.

    (F)Oh nenjae (Dm)neethAn (C)paadum geethan(Gm)gaL
    (C)yEn inRu (Gm)neer mEl (C7)Adum deepan(F)gaL
    (F)rAgangaL (Dm)solladhO (F)kAdhal (Gm)sanda(F)thai
    (Dm)sOgathil (Gm)thaLLAdum (C7)pEedhai uLLa(F)thai

    (no chords)ThennankiLithan nee sollum mozhi thEn
    (F)thennankiLithan nee (Bb)sollum mozhi (F)thEn
    san(F)geetham pon(Dm)gAdhO un (F)chinna (Bb)siri(F)ppil
    (F)sendhooram (Dm)sindhAdhO un (F)kanna (Bb)siva(F)ppil
    (F)yen Asai (C)mangai (F)ennALum (C)gangai
    (Bb)kaNNeril (C)thAlAti(F)naL

    Rajesh :music:
  4. thamboo

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    Thank you very much Roentgen, looks like the entire song is in Fmaj, another song by the same duo Shankar-Ganesh "Oru Kaadhal Devadhai" where you only gave Chords is in the relative minor of Fmaj(Dm) where there is one chord which is not in the actual song's key and it is EbMaj, in blues F Maj Scale Eb is Available as per the blues formula of flattened 3rd;flattened 5th & flattened 7th it works so well, the solo in "Oru Kaadhal Devathai" follows Dm Pentatonic scale slightly but doesn't sound entirely bluesy.

    the intro for "O Nenje" has a small fill with descending notes of f,e,d,c,d after 1st line and c,b,a,g,a after 2 line
    kindly check 2 corrections what I hear, kindly give your opinion on my corrections

    (F)Oh nenjae (Dm)neethAn (Bb)paadum geethan(Gm)gaL
    (C)thennankiLithan nee (Bb)sollum mozhi (F)thEn
  5. thamboo

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    please also correct the fill notes what I have given if needed
  6. roentgen

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    Hi thamboo

    I just listened to the track again. I've posted only what I can hear (my music theory knowledge being very minimal).
    It is a C in the 1st line. I suppose it could be a C7 as well since a Bb note used, but the chord is not Bb.
    Regarding 2nd query, I can only hear an F.


  7. thamboo

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    Thanks for your reply Rajesh, could you please clarify with the little fill notes?

    the intro for "O Nenje" has a small fill with descending notes of f,e,d,c,d after 1st line and c,b,a,g,a after 2nd line

    I doubt bad about the fill after 2nd line
  8. roentgen

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    1st fill in notes - C Bb A F G
    2nd - Bb A G E F
  9. thamboo

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    Thank you Rajesh, let me try once I reach home, it has been two years since I started with the six string soul mate but have a poor ear training, long way to go

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