chords for Nalam Vaazha EnNaaLum En VaazhthukkaL

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  1. pervisag3

    pervisag3 New Member

    can any pls give me the chords for Nalam Vaazha EnNaaLum En VaazhthukkaL
  2. thamboo

    thamboo Member

    search IGT, IKF thoroughly, you will get it it somewhere, i remember that it is in one of the 2
  3. pearlmaharajan

    pearlmaharajan New Member

    Dear friend,

    please search the forum.. its already available...
  4. roentgen

    roentgen Member

    I remember posting it somewhere, some time ago.
    Here it is (more refined). Diminished chords really bring out the mood of this song.

    Nalam (Bm)vaazha ennaalum en vaazhththukkal
    Thamizh koorum pallaandu en vaarththaigal
    Ilavaenil un vaasal van(Dm)dhaadum
    Ilan(Bm)thenral un (Bb)meedhu pan(Gdim7)paa(Bm)dum

    (Nalam vaazha)

    (Bm)Manidhargal silanaeram thadam maaralaam
    Manangalum avar gunangalum niram maaralaam
    Ilakkanam sila naeram thavaraagalaam
    Ezhudhiya anbu ilakkiyam pizhaiyaagalaam
    (GM7)Viralgalaith thaandi (F#)valarndhadhaik kandu
    (Fdim7)Nagangalai naamum (F#)narukkuvadhundu
    (A)Idhil enna (Dm)paa(A)vam (F#)edharkindha (Bm)soa(F#)gam

    Rajesh :music:
  5. thamboo

    thamboo Member

    Chords at "Kiliyeeeeeae" are too complicated to be played on a guitar with awkward positions but the difference are just the movement of bass notes
  6. pervisag3

    pervisag3 New Member

    thank you

    thank you very much Rajesh
  7. Akj18

    Akj18 New Member

    hi sir,

    can u pls give the chords for the intro part(solo guitar) of this song??

    Thanks in regards,

  8. askarjun

    askarjun New Member

    Hi Rajesh...Thank you for the post. I like this this, some chords I was not able to figure out. However, I think the last note on the line should ideally end with D as below
    Ilan(Bm)thenral un (Bb)meedhu pan(Gdim7)paa(D)dum
  9. cytosine

    cytosine Member

    There is no chords in solo
    And this is the lead notes I play

    Please correct

    B C# D BC# A#B DFF#
    B C# D BC# A#B DFF#
    DC#D BC# A#B AA#A

    Sathya. M


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