Chords for manasellam from kulir 100

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  1. arrs

    arrs New Member

    hi ,,, can anyone post the chords for manasellam from kulir 100
  2. raghu_rocks

    raghu_rocks New Member

    yeah...can anyone post chaords for manasellam..pls...
  3. aswinjones

    aswinjones New Member

    pls post anyone
  4. xxander

    xxander New Member

    can u pls post the chords for manasellam
  5. sliverdrogan

    sliverdrogan New Member

    hello im just a beginer.. hope u all guide me .. tq
  6. whitefox

    whitefox New Member

    any one post it huh
  7. neekdamon

    neekdamon New Member

  8. dpanvshal

    dpanvshal New Member


    hey guys listen to the song 'aicha' by OUTLANDISH.....its similar to this.........aicha chords goes ths way bm g bm g bm g d a.........this sounds gud for manasellam but not accurate i think
  9. dpanvshal

    dpanvshal New Member

    this song is similar to aicha by OUTLANDISH......its chords are bm g bm g bm g d a.......this sounds good but not accurate
  10. navee

    navee New Member


    Manasellam unnai... Bbm
    Kanmooodinaal ithu ethu bla bla blaa is Ebm Db
    and i think u can continue... it's not difficult

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