Chords for Maine Poocha Chaand Se

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  1. melvin

    melvin New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I am just a beginner, was trying to find chords for Maine Poocha Chand Se. But was not able to -- The original seems to be in G# major Scale.

    Can anybody help me ot in finding out the chords for the song OR if it has already been posted, please let me know. I searched but could not find it.

    Song - Maine Poocha Chaand Se
    Film - Abdullah

    Thanks again
  2. abhis_pals

    abhis_pals New Member

    ya the song is quiet a cool one i am thinking of tabbing it as soon as it is done i'll post it.
  3. DesiPride143

    DesiPride143 BEHAVE!

    please, whenever you request a song add (REQ) to your title thank you....
  4. rockin'away

    rockin'away Banned

    hey melvin.... have u got a link i can listen to the song at?
  5. melvin

    melvin New Member

  6. jacko

    jacko New Member

    which song is this???????????
  7. melvin

    melvin New Member


    the song is "Maine Poocha Chaand Se" from the film "Abdullah" (Actor - Sanjay Khan)
  8. mainhoonnaa

    mainhoonnaa New Member

    hi,melvin.may i know your name
  9. Bandbaaja

    Bandbaaja Pronounced Band Baaaa Ja

    its a very basic song
    you can do it in A major

    the chords are A G and D thats it
    try it on your own, its damn simple

    Just note that the interludes and the intro music is on A minor scale
    SOng is in A major
  10. melvin

    melvin New Member

    thnx bandbajaa, for the chords. I appreciate it.

    But when I try to play the song while listening to it, and match the notes on the keyboard with the song, it starts with G# note

    and it goes like this : (I don't have the keyboard with me, so just thinking what I remember, but it somewhat like this)

    G# G# G# G# G# G#
    Maine Poocha Chaand Se

    G# F# F# G# G# A#
    Ke Dekha Hai Kahin

    G# A# F# F# G# A#
    Mere Yaar Sa Hasin

    Also I know that we can play the song in any scale by moving the notes up or down.

    But if we have the above notes for the songs, then the chords should be G# major and F# major. OR can it be E major because E major chord has a G# note in it and a D major has a F# note in it ?? Sorry !! if I am totally wrong, I am just a beginner, trying to understand/learn, please help.

    MainhoonNaa - My name is melvin

  11. Bandbaaja

    Bandbaaja Pronounced Band Baaaa Ja

    Yes you're right the song is in G# (or Ab)

    The chords are as follows

    Maine Poochha Chand Se

    Ke Dekha Hai Kahin

    Mere Yaar Sa Haseen

    Chand Ne Kaha

    Chandni Ki Kasam

    Nahi, Nahi,

  12. Bandbaaja

    Bandbaaja Pronounced Band Baaaa Ja

    The antra

    Maine Yeh Hijaab Tera Dhoonda

    Har Jagah Shabaab Tera Dhoonda

    Kaliyon Se Misaal Teri Poocheee

    Phoolon Mein Jawab tera dhoonda

    [same as mukhda]

    Maine poocha baag se
    falak ho ya zameen
    aisa phool hai kahin
    baag ne kaha
    har kali ki kasam
    nahi nahi nahi

    someone please check, i dont have a guitar in hand
    this is pure guesswork!!!
  13. mainhoonnaa

    mainhoonnaa New Member

    your real name{is it ankitmadan}.if it is then i am your cousin from ludh, my name starts from S. i have a hobner company guitar

  14. melvin

    melvin New Member


    That was so nice of you to put up the chords for the whole song. THanx very much. Even if your chords may not be right, I will try to find the right one ?? A least I know, that the chords will be somewhere around the ones which you have posted..

    And it will be an exercise for me to find the right ones..

    Thanx again :beer:

    MainHoon Naa --- Thats not my name. But anyway, its good to know that you have a company of your own.. Well it would have been nice, if I would have been your far off relative, at least I could have owned a 2-3 guitars and would not havee to worry about buying the next one OR may be not working any more.. ;) HA HA HA .. just joking...Please !! don't get me wrong..
  15. mainhoonnaa

    mainhoonnaa New Member

    sorry,i thought he was u. actually,his user name is also melvin.wont make a mistake again

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