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  1. souman_das

    souman_das New Member

    hi people,
    i am posting a jingle from kumkum.
    i have also posted a jingle before of nerolac, so it is second in the series of jingle.

    this is a very melodiuos song from the serial kumkum's title song sung by pamela jain.
    easy song and 4/4 strumming.
    i hope you like it.

    tabs that keep on playing throughout the song:


    i hope you like it,

    waiting for your reps and comments.


  2. lunarsalil

    lunarsalil New Member

    @souman nice ane dude can you please post the chords of 'hey ya hey ya' from the advertisement of saif ali khan.
  3. fat_kax

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  4. ha ha ha..good one suman..but lunar. saif's "he ya he yaa" :RollLol:
  5. rang de basanti....
  6. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    my goodness..i have actually heard this song...rather overheard while my bhabi or mum watch...
    erm..correct chords~
  7. notty_lad

    notty_lad sudo undress

    Am G sounds good .. i mean .. jz a note down.. good .. i'm not sure bout da tabs coz i can't remember da original tune .. I hate all these serials .. but i like da tune of this particular title ..
  8. Mohsin shahid

    Mohsin shahid New Member

    =)) lol kumkum
  9. souman_das

    souman_das New Member

    hi all,
    thanks a lot for your comments.
    @ notty lad the song is in A#m only and not Am, you can get the song from and i am dead sure about the scale.

    next in the line: kasauti zindagi ki's title song


  10. souman_das

    souman_das New Member

    hi all,
    no more comments?
    anyway i have found that people like it when one plays something other than routine songs.
    i do a mix and match in my performances and includes jingles which really revs up the performace in a small gathering.
    although never used them in big shows but it looks cool if i use them in small gatherings.

    regards to all,
    Souman Das
  11. amit82cse

    amit82cse Silent observeR

    good and correct tabs..keep it up...
  12. afgn

    afgn New Member

    Almost! Except, you should stick a capo on the 1st fret and try these chords. Also, I am typing this from memory so listen to the song to be sure when the chord shifting occurs.

    (Am)Jeevan Kar leta Hai Shing(G)aar
    Sach Hai Na (Am) Kumkum Se
    (Am)Badhta Hai Ik Dooje Se Py(G)aar
    Sach Hai Na (Am)KumKum Se

    Pyaari Pyaari (Dm) Soorat Hai
    Meethi Meethi (Em) Boli Hai
    Rishte Hi (Dm) Sabh Ki
    Woh Ham(Em)joli Hai

    (E)Door Na Ho Jayen
    Hum Tumse (Am) Tum Humse
    (E)Hum Ho Jayenge
    GumSum Se (Am) GumSum Se

    (Am)Jeevan Kar Leta Hai Shing(G)aar
    Sach Hai Na (Am)Kumkum Se
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