chords for Kaaanch song

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  1. imasud

    imasud New Member

    Hi Guys,
    Have u heard the song kaanch.

    I think the major chords for the song is
    Am and F. Can someone confirm it.

    In the end it is G and F .

  2. drsherry

    drsherry Guitarist [SEER]

    yup! thats the u gotta learn the strum pattern

    note:::: sometimes he never plys a chord and still strums =)
  3. Hey Can U Give Chords With Full Lyrics
  4. drsherry

    drsherry Guitarist [SEER]

    sure..letme return back to my on a world tour these days :p

  5. Hey dr sherry still waiting for da complete chords and lyrics
  6. drsherry

    drsherry Guitarist [SEER]

    go check it

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