Chords for HUM TUM : Sanson mein Sanson

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    A6/9 A6/9 A Em
    sanso ko , sanson main , dhalne do , zara.
    A6/9 A6/9 A Em
    dheeme si , dhadken ko , badne do , zara.
    G C
    lamhon ki gu, zarish hai ye.
    F#m A
    paas aa ja , ,yen.
    Bm G G A
    hum---- hum-- tum--
    Bm G G A (Em)-once
    tum-- hum-- tum-----
    A6/9 A6/9 A em
    aankho main , hamko ,utarne do , zara
    A 6/9 A6/9 A em,
    baanhon main, hamko ,pigahlne do, zara
    G C
    lamhon ki gu, zarish hai ye
    F#m A
    paas aa ja, yen
    Bm G G A
    hum -- hum-- tum
    Bm G G A (Em)-one time
    tum --hum-- tum----
    sanson ko---

    G Bm G Bm
    salvaten, kahain ,karvatain ,kahain.
    A-----------------------------------A. (Bm)
    phail jaye kaajel bhi teraa-aa--ooo-
    G Bm G Bm
    nazron main , ho ,gujerta, hua
    A A A (Em) --ONCE
    khwabon kaa koi kafila--aa---

    jismon ko roohon koj :rockon: alne do jera-----so on
  2. tabs

    tabs 4 this song, plz!
  3. deb7sk

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    I am not sure, but the chords sequences C (after G) and F#m A does not seem to fit properly!
    However, I continued with G for the line "lamhon ki guzarish hai ye" and D for the following line. Can anyone check this out, please?
    The rest of the song, however, sound perfect. Great job!
  4. Rohan

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    Can ne1 plz tell me how does A6/9 spell?
  5. can i have the tabs for this song plz
  6. Req

    can anyone give me the tabs for the song bhoolja or any song from private albums not films of SHAAN
    he is a gud singer...
  7. sumit

    sumit HaNdS uPPP!!

    let me check ur version.............
  8. chalte chalte song tabs


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