Chords for "Guru" film song - Ae Hairate ashiqui...Enjoy!!!...

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    Here folks!

    E5. Press 5th string at 2nd fret level
    Em/C Press 4th & 5th strings at 2nd fret level as in Em and also 2nd string at 1st fret level

    (E5.)dam dara dam dara, (Em)chashm chashme naam

    (C)dam dara dam dara, (Em/C)chashm chashme naam

    (Am)sun mere hum dum (C)hameshaa (Em/C)ishq mein hi (E5.)jeenaa

    (E5.)Aye hairathe (Em)aashiqui (C)jagaa (Em/C)math

    (E5.)pairon se zameen (Em)zameen (Am)lagaa (Em/C)math

    ey hairathe aashihqui x2 (in 2 different voice notes) immediately continue like below....

    dam dara dam dara, chashm chashme naam
    sun mere hum dum
    hameshaa ishq mein hi jeenaa

    Verse 1:

    (Em)kyon urdu faarsi (C)bolate ho....(Am)O....O..(Em/C)

    (Em)kyon urdu faarsi (C)bolate ho

    (Am)das kehthe ho do (F)tolate ho

    jhoo(Am)ton ke shehenshaah....(C)ah....ah..bolo (Em/C)naa (Am)

    (Dm)kabhi jhaankhon (F)meri aankhen(Am)....(F)

    (Dm)kabhi jhaankhon (F)meri aankhen

    (Am)sunaeye ek (C)daastaan jo (Em)honton se....(E5.)eee....khola(Em/C)naa

    ey hairathe aashiqui....

    similar pattern for verse 2....

    do chaar maheen se lamhon mein
    umron ke hisaab bhi hote hain
    jinhen dekhaa nahin kal tak
    kahin bhi ab kok mein woh chahre bote hain

    ey hairathe aashiqui....

    And folks from Hyderabad may mail me at so that we may jam with the music when ever we find time here and make a small sweet circle out of us :)

    And IGT folks, pleez keep posting me how these chords r working for u :)
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    i was involved in accident so i haven't played for a long time. i am trying to start again
    Thanks heap for letting me in.
  3. numbfingers

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    no dude the chords dont fit. ur scale is wrong its probably in A scale but definitely not in C
  4. zainadeel

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    try these....

    ur chords are wrong im sure.. but koi baat nahi
    practise more.....

    dam dara dam dara ....................
    dam dara dam dara ..........
    sun mere ...........
    A D
    hamesha ishq...........

    aye hairate aashiqi
    A G
    jaaaga.. mat



    D Bm A G


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