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  1. lalbamboo

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    Hey People , For Those Who Want To Worship The Lord Jesus Christ, Here Are Some Gospel Songs..............i Will Be Posting Some In Hindi Shortly.

    In The Meantime "praise The Lord"

    "jesus Is The Way, The Truth And The Life "

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  2. vini

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    thanx for posting these chords..iL check em out soon

    however u've posted it in hindi forum..iL move it to correct place

    reps for u! :)
  3. HtOwNsRoMeO

    HtOwNsRoMeO New Member

    kool man

    dude its awesome that you're posting up some christian songs. I love to do praise and worship. It'll be great if you could put up some chords for some contemporary christian songs.
  4. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    me too! :)

    for a religious convo and in case u want more me at msn..iL try n get some chords
  5. GoodWillWins

    GoodWillWins New Member

    keep it up

    Nice Keep it up
  6. suidalc

    suidalc New Member

    hey gospel numbers....well..if anyone is looking for specific ones please let know...i ll try to get some..
  7. Vivian

    Vivian New Member

    hey good job bro.Do you know abt a Band Delirious and HillSong.reply must
  8. honeyhell

    honeyhell New Member

  9. suidalc

    suidalc New Member

    hey vivian

    yeah, definitely know about delirious and hillsong.
  10. givsonlawrence

    givsonlawrence New Member

    thanQ bro. nice work try to post more
  11. suidalc

    suidalc New Member

    anyone heard BROTHER GERSHOM EDINBARO. wow he is an anointed worship leader from tamil nadu. any one has guitar chords from his albums, please do let me know. Also any one have guitar chords for YESHUA group...please do mail me thanks
  12. trebor1981

    trebor1981 New Member

    I have found a great site for Christian newbie guitarists , great video of how to play songs and seems to be updated regularly, Learn how to play guitar

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