Chords for Doorie by ATIF AsLAM

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  1. ayadd_showman

    ayadd_showman New Member

    hi all...

    i am to dis website and so did is ma first post ever. So go easy on it...

    da chords for da song r Amaj Emaj and F#m

    Amaj Emaj

    Amaj Emaj

    saheeee jayyeee naaaaa aaann
    Amaj Emaj

    saheee jayeennnaaaaaaaa
    Amaj Emaj

    sahee jayeeee naaaaaa annnnn
    Amaj Emaj

    after da solo

    khamoshi yaaeee sehna sakooonnnnnnnn
    F#m Amaj

    awaz de ke mujhe tu se ja sukooonnnnnn ohhhhhhhhhhhh
    F#m Emaj

    repeat it again and after tht continue da song with da same chords in da beginnig.... and da same pattern is been played throught da song

    i need reps for it plz and if go wrong sumwhere plz tell... comments will be appreciated
  2. kaylash

    kaylash Member

    Cheers. I checked out the video. Fantastic. \
    So, what is the strumming pattern, please?

    Jagte raho
  3. sam#3

    sam#3 The Lucifer

    thnx... pls help in strummin... wts d pattern....
  4. ayadd_showman

    ayadd_showman New Member

    chk out da song, da strumming pattern is easy just giv it a shot
  5. borntiger

    borntiger New Member

    Well nice effort dud!! but these are wrong chords if u really want to know the chords for Doorie song by Atif then check out this video on put Atif on star news - PART 2 -on search and see the chords and the strumming pattern lates..
  6. guitarist-smk

    guitarist-smk New Member

    yaar bhhai jaan agar aap ko strumming nahi aati so its ok yaar lekin waiting main tou na rakho plz aar kafi din hoo gahey hain yeh chording diye howe
  7. jazzbox

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  8. jspparow

    jspparow New Member

    the strumming pattern is like DDDUDUDUD

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