Chords for Chak De - Hum Tum

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  1. atulansaha

    atulansaha New Member

    Chak de Chak de chak de
    Chakde sare gham,
    chakde chakde chakde,
    Tere sangh hai hum

    guys, please help me complete the rest of the lyrics and the chords....i don;t know the song beyond these lines..
  2. Rohan

    Rohan New Member

    seems good man.will check it
  3. Rohan

    Rohan New Member

    Hey Atul ur version is correct with 'D' tuning.Ckeck mine with 'E' Tuning.

    Chak De Chak De Chak De
    Chak De Saare Gham
    Chak De Chak De Chak De
    Tere Sang Hai Hum
    Haske To Dekh Tu Ek Baar
    Khudh Hi Aa Jaayegi Phir Bahaar

    Gaa Le Nayi Sargam
    Geet Ek Naya Gaa
    Aaya Naya Mausam
    Aaya Din Naya

    Chak De Chak De Chak De
    Chak De Saare Gham
    Chak De Chak De Chak De
    Tere Sang Hai Hum
    Chak De Chak De Chak De
    Chak De Saare Gham
    Chak De Chak De Chak De
    Tere Sang Hai Hum

    Hows this??????????
  4. atulansaha

    atulansaha New Member

    thnx for ur reply.
    the tabs that u posted sound cool, but im confused about one aspect....

    i think that irrespective of whatever tuning the guitar is, a G chord would always sound like a G chord, only, the way it is played in a D tuned guitar is different that the way it is played in the E tuned guitar. in the D tuned guitar, all strings played open is the Gmajor chord

    what i think u mean is that my chords and ur chords are for different "scales" and not tuning.

    Bm series is on a higher scale as compared to Am bothe seemto be correct...

    Do let me know your further comments...thnx

    Bye the way, my name is ATULAN and not Atul!
  5. Rohan

    Rohan New Member

    Hey Atulan i will try to explain u as i'm not as much accomplished in theory knowledge.
    The G chord played in "D" tuning sounds like F chord played in "E" Tuning.Now if u hav to tune ur guitar at "E"tuning u hav to tune it 2 scales further i.e.tighten up ur strings 2 frets further.I guess the concept is clear.If not then,IGT GURUs plz dont make fun of us and help us get out of the confusion.

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