Chords for Bhul Ja by Shaan

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  1. Rohan

    Rohan New Member

    Chords not my courtsey.....

    in aansoouon se kisko kya hua haasil,
    Dm Am Gm C
    mana kehana hai aasan nibhana hai mushkil,
    Dm Am A# C
    phir bhi aey yaar mere sun le meri iltiza,
    F Gm A# C
    bhool ja , jo hua usey bhool ja,
    Dm C Dm
    hai kasam tujhe muskura , khud ko yun na de tu sazaa,
    C Dm C Gm
    un yaadon ko tu bhool ja..
    A# Dm
    same chords for rest of the song
    the 2nd stanza thai is ...teri zindagi....starts from Gm.

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