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    Song: En Purushanthaan
    Movie: Gopurangal Saivathillai (1982)
    Composer: Ilaiyaraaja
    Scale: F#m
    Time: 4/4

    En purushan thaan…
    (F#m)Enakku mattum thaan…
    (F#m)Sondha thaan endru naan nenachae(C#m)nae
    Andha (Bm)nenappa mattum enakku vittu
    Mana kadhava th(E)aan (A)saathi vittu ponaa(F#m)nae

    Charanam 1:
    Vaanatha paathu paathu
    (Faug)Yengum (F#m)boomi
    Megatha (Faug)konjam kooda (A)kaanom (Bm)saami x 2

    (E)Veyililae kaanju kaanju
    (A)Vayalum varandu ponaa
    (E)Payirum (F#m)karugaadho
    (Bm)Azhagaana raasaavum aasaiyulla rosaava
    (E)Vittu vittu (Bm)ponaa(F#m)nae…

    Charanam 2:
    Poovaana nenjukkullae
    (Faug)Vaattam (F#m)yendi
    Pollaangu (Faug)seivorellaam (A)aangal (Bm)thaandi x 2

    (E)Pen paavam pollaadhu
    (A)Avan kaalam vellaadhu
    (E)Kaanbaai (F#m)idhai neeyae
    Un (Bm)aasai kannaalan Yaar endru nee sonnaal
    (E)Kondu vandhu (Bm)serppae(F#m)nae…

    @roentgen Rajesh to Validate.. :)

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    Thanks @vs.suresh for the chords.... Really enjoyed playing guitar chords ( but in keyboard ;-) )
    Such a wonderful Composition of இளையராஜா.. its Just rocking guitar song... Amazing unique strummings....

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    Hey @guitarvijay
    I am not sure why Suresh @vs.suresh version F#m suited me well than the Gm.. May be due to different tempo and transpose done in movies those earlier days.Most of the Mid songs have 2 versiobln, 1 original as recorded, 1 in movie version which is modified either tempo, pitch, transpose scale to match hero/heroin voice...
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    It is because, the pitch of MP3s are different.

    Suresh's MP3 is in F# Minor Scale as he mentioned at the top and mine is in G Minor Scale. That says it all.

    Moreover, namma Legend, Scale and Chords validate pannitaaru-na maru pechae kedayaadhu.
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    Haha rytuuuu .... Shld try ur version too.. Will find which mp3 suits it..
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