Chords: Bus by Bappa Mazumder

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    Well, hello everyone....

    After a long long period i've logged in here and found this request in my inbox. Just to share it with everyone... here are the chords for Bus By Bappa Mazumder.

    Song: Bus
    Album: Raat Prohori
    Artist: Bappa Mazumder

    kokhono jodi dekha hoy kono desh'E

    kokhono jodi dekha hoy kono bus'E
    hothat mile jauwa duto ticket
    onakankhito duto seat
    pashapashi dujon,
    bolo ki hobe tokhon
    ki hobe tokhon!

    chuye diye haat, purono prem'er bhule
    nirobe chokher jole...
    nihshobdo kolahole,
    bolbe ki kothai kemon chile.

    lukabo na ar, ekaki beche achi
    koshter kachakachi... aaaa
    chere dao haat, theme geche bus
    gontobbe eshe gechi.

    P.S. Original scale for the song is A#. My guitar is tuned half scale down. So, just transpose the chords if ur guitar is tuned in original scale :)
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    @hotobhaga - really appreciate the fact that you came online to publish a request !! +rep

    Cheers mate
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    hotobhaga GraMMaR GoD :p:

    no problem buddy...! its a pleasure :) and thank u for the rep!

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