Chords attempt Vattaiyaadu Vilaiyadu Songs

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  1. subbu567

    subbu567 New Member

    Dear Friends

    I have tried to figure out the chords for two beautiful songs from this Kamal starrer namely Manjal veyil and Paartha Mudhal Naalae..

    Pl comment,critique and suggest improvements or corrections ...but kindly dont snub...this is my second attempt for chords



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  2. Sheerig

    Sheerig New Member


    just try tp get the lead first........ it goes with F progression
  3. zee

    zee New Member

    another hit by haris jayaraj

    ok guys do any one hav the lyrics for the other song that is van nilave valie valie.........
    i don know the starting too beautiful one in the same movie and i think its in Am scale plz plz try it

  4. Sheerig

    Sheerig New Member

    hey subbu.........
    i tried it out man.....
    but i tink it doesn,t suite.............
    but i know the lead for the song

    and zeee. u can get the lyrics from subbu's attachement
  5. subbu567

    subbu567 New Member

    You are right man.....Pl refer the below link...Arun has posted the correct chords for the songs.....Pl enjoy...

    Thanks for the patience!and Thanks a zillion Arun for keeping tamil chords alive..

  6. jozko

    jozko Banned

    Hey Subbu u are doing wonderful job. I am following u and Arun there . keep the tamil section alive, rgds
  7. Sheerig

    Sheerig New Member

    hey.............. thanks subbu......
  8. subbu567

    subbu567 New Member

    Hi Sheerig&Jozko

    Thanks for your kind words.....All credit is due to Arun.....who had put up some real high quality music for the latest ....

    Pl thank him

  9. jozko

    jozko Banned

    Top spirit Subbu, appreciate it. hope u come up with more of recent songs. Can u help with malayalam too? there r some nice IR works in malayalam.
  10. zee

    zee New Member

    jozko i am not requesting for the parthe mudalnale ...... song but the other song which is in soft rock where kamal and jothika will be in the screen i only know the chorus part that is " van nilave vali vali nilave ......." and goes on

    but for the parthe mudal namle song it rockz and you guys are doing real good word work

  11. jozko

    jozko Banned

    zee, hope subbu will try, i am not good and also notfollowing latest Tamil songs. The old Tamil songs, esp IR ones are simply great

    hey zee, u always mention song scales! u shoud try n post chords here for review. help me with some malayalam songs too
  12. subbu567

    subbu567 New Member

    Dear Zee/Jozko

    Pl go through the link I earlier posted from Indian keyboard Index...I have posted the song vennilavae also (as usual wrong but!) Arun has corrected them and opened a new thread for this song...Just Brilliant it is in Dm scale!!

    Enjoy !!!!!

  13. jozko

    jozko Banned

    Yes Subbu, I am checking evryday.
  14. zee

    zee New Member

    sorry i am not able to find the song caqn any one post me the link for me
  15. krishashok

    krishashok New Member

    Dm is missing

    Good job overall. You missed Dm though. The funky guitar backing for the song basically plays

    Dm Bb F C

    the first three go DUDUDUD
    and the C is played as an arpeggio

  16. drashkum

    drashkum New Member

    see for uyirile enadhu uyirile

    i have posted my chords for uyirile enadhu uyirile chords in my other posts i have tried to be simple in my chords confining myself to only minors and major please some one see and comment the scale is Dm as it is in the song

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