Chords: Athaan Ennathaan

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    My Version:

    (Ab)Aththaan (Fm)Ennath(Ab)thaan
    Avar (C#)Ennai Thaan..
    (Bbm7)Eppadi (Eb)Solvaena(Ab)di..
    Avar (Eb)Kaiyai Thaan
    Kondu (Ab)Mellaththan Vanthu
    (Eb7)Kannai Thaan...aa(Ab)aa.
    (Fm)Eppadi (Eb)Solvaena(Ab)di..

    (Ab)Aen Aththaan Ennai (Eb)Paar Aththaan
    Kaellaththaan Endru (Ab)Solliththaan..
    Sendra (Bbm7)Pennai Thaan Kandu (Ab)Thudiththan
    (C#)Azhaiththaan (Fm)Pidiththaan (Eb)Anaiththaan.. /Ab/Eb7/
    (Fm)Eppadi (Eb)Solvaena(Ab)di..
  2. vs.suresh

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    Great... Thanks a lot Senthil... Will try it out...

    Really you guys rocks.....

    Keep posting...
  3. SATHYA167

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    Nice song. The chord should go well with the pace of the song. Thanks for the chord. Will try this out...... Sathya
  4. rajeshguitar

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    Melodious song, wonderful chords. Thank you so much, Senthil.
  5. vs.suresh

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    Really nice Senthil... enjoyed playing along with the song....

    Thanks a lot..

    Keep posting..

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