Chords : Annakili unnai theduthe - Annakili (1976)

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  1. Cholan

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    Submitting chords for Annakili unnai theduthe - Annakili (1976)

    Can anyone correct this please ?

    Annakkili onna theduthe
    aaru maasam oru varusam
    (Bm – F#m – Bm)
    aavaarambu meni vaduthe

    (Bm – F#m)
    nadhiyoram poranthen
    (Bm – F#m)
    kodipola valarnthen
    (Em – F#m)
    mazhaiyodum veyilodum
    manampol nadanthen
    (Bm – F#m – Bm)
    urangatha kangalukku olai kondu maiyezhuthi
    (Bm – F#m – Bm – Em)
    kalangama kathiruken kaippi***ka varuvaaro
  2. vs.suresh

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    Hi Cholan,

    The song is in Fm not Bm...
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  3. roentgen

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    Yes Cholan, it is Fm.
    Other chords I could hear are D#, A#, G# and Cm.

    Rajesh :music:
  4. Cholan

    Cholan New Member

    Thanks Suresh, Thanks Rajesh
  5. SATHYA167

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    I agree with F Minor. This song is hard from chords perspective. More chords are there - more than 10, I think. This is IR's big experimental song and a fusion, which made the song highly popular in those days............. Sathya

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