Chords and Tabs of Shamoon - Nadia

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    D (##0232)
    A (#02220)
    G (320003)

    the song starts with strumming of D chord.

    (D)Baal hain (A)yeh ya (G) gaaaaein ki (D)dum
    (D)ganday teray (A)daant us peh (G)ganda yeh (D)moo'n

    (D)khoo(G)lay jo tu (A)moo'n tu a(G)ya(A)aaa (D)badboo

    (D) nadiaa nadiaa hooo nadiaa Ja Ray (A) JAA
    (silent) moo'n dhoo kay aa (again start strumming D)

    the rest of the songs goes on the same pattern..

    and in the end play the chords string by string....

    (D)Jo banay teraa (G) yaar
    (A) us ka jeena (D) dushwar

    (D) jissay ho giya tujh say (G) pyar
    (A) nahi us say bara koi (D) khuwar...

    Tabbed by Holylord:rock:
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    these chordz haf beenn posteed a KAZZILLIONN timez b4....but thx fer da copy pasting neway=)

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