Chords and Tabs for the super hit song "Pon Maalai Pozhudu" from Nizhalgal

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    Before putting down the tabs for the song "Pon Maalai Pozhudu" from Nizhalgal, I would like to know the chords for the song.

    Can anyone tell me the chords of this song? I am not getting it anywhere in the net. I think it is D or E major.

    Information on this will help in building up the tabs / notes.

    The song has an out of the world music composed by IR.

    The starting guitar bit, accordian interlude and the music for the song - Everything and every bit of this song speaks of classic and melody tune - Kaalathal azhiyadha music.

    For your information, the entire song is composed in 24 carat carnatic ragam - Kedharam.

    The western notes goes like C F E F G B C / C B G F E D C.

    This raga is janya ragam of Shankarabharanam and hence can be played in any major scales.

    This film is a musical blockbuster and this song is the first song for Vairamuthu.

    Your contributions and suggestions will help in developing a good presentation of this song.............. Sathya
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    It is E major. Most of the song is E with some B, B7 and one A.
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    (E)Pon maaalaip pozhuthu
    idhu oru pon maalaip pozhudhu
    vaanamagal naanugiraal vaeru udai poonugiraal

    (E)aayiram nirangaL jaalamidum
    raaththiri vaasalil koalamidum
    vaanam iravukkup paalami(B)dum
    (E)paadum paravaigaL thaaLamidum
    (B)poomarangaL (E)saamaran(B7)gaL

    Rajesh :music:
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    Thanks a lot Rajesh for your quick reply. Let me try me hands now............... Sathya
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    thanks man.. will try and let u ppl know...
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    Sorry guys, it will take some more time to put tabs for this song. It is really challenging one to play. I will try to put the best one.... Sathya
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    Here we go..... Presenting the tabs for the full song.

    This song is a classical based one - within the notes of ragam Kedaram - A janya ragam of Sankarabharanam.

    This means that this song can be played in any major scale without any issues.

    As the song is in E Major, the tabs are given in E Major Scale notes.

    You need to practice slowly line by line before you get into the flow.

    Just see the first line "Pon Maalai Pozhudu" - How the notes / tabs moves from higher octave to lower octave - From S to p.

    A wonderful mix of classical raga and pure tamil lyrics - An IR's stamp in the composing.

    Pick, Play and Enjoy and do post your comments.

    The PDF file with raga details will be uploaded tonight.................. Sathya

    E ---12-------------------------- E
    B ---------12---9---------------- B
    G ------------------9--9--9------ G
    D ---------------------------9--- D

    ----(E)idhu oru ---- pon maalaip pozhudhu---

    E -----------11--12-------------------- E
    B --9-10--12--------12--9-------------- B
    G ---------------------------9--9--9--- G
    D -----------------------------------9- D

    ----(E)vaanamagal naanugiraal vaeru udai poonugiraal----

    G ----131113-----11-9-9---------131113----11-9-9----- G
    D --9-------------------9------9-----------------9--- D

    (E)idhu oru pon maalaip pozhudhu

    -----(E)aayiram nirangaL jaalamidum (E)raaththiri vaasalil koalamidum-------

    E ---12------------------------------------12------------------------------------ E
    B -12--12-12--12-12-12-1210910-12-12-12---12---12-12-12-12-12-1210910-12-12-12--- B

    -----(E)vaanam iravukkup paalami(B)dum-----------------

    E --------------12-1212-12-12-111214--12-11-111211121112—---- E
    B ----1210910-12-----------------------------------------12-- B

    -----(E)paadum paravaigal thaalamidum-----------

    E --------------12-1212-12-12-11121614----14—12-12--- E
    B ----1210910-12------------------------------------- B

    -----(B)poomarangal (E) saamaran(B7)gal-------

    E ---141214-----12-119--111211121112--------- E
    B -12---------------------------------12----- B

    ------(A)vee(E)saa(B7) dhoa---------------------
    E ---121112---11--------------9---109--1210---- E
    B -12------------12--1210910---9--------------- B

    Repeat the same for next stanza & enjoy. . . . .
  8. SATHYA167

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    The PDF file is here..... Enjoy................. Sathya

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