Chords and tabs for the song Valaiosai from Sathya - A masterpiece song of IR

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    Experimenting a masterpiece song of IR with my little knowledge in music & guitar

    A great song composed by IR in Sindhubhairavi ragam. SPB & Lata Mangeshkar had made this song as an epic / evergreen melody. Fantastic tune and BGM which will take you to a different world. You should listen to the song if you are not familiar with this song. The tempo is very important for playing the tabs. The chord changes should be quite fast, I had put only a simple version to cope with the speed of the song. May be few 7 chords would add better rhythm. Here is the song…………

    Valaiyosai - Sathya (HQ) - YouTube

    My version of the chord goes as under:

    {Em}vaLaiyOsai sala sala salavena kavidhaigaL pa***kudhu
    {C}kuLu kuLu {Am}thendral {Em}kAtrum veesudhu
    (Em}sila nEram silu silu siluvena siRu viral
    {C}pada pada {Am}thu***kudhu {Em}engum dhEham koosudhu
    {C}chinna peN peNNalla {Cm}vaNNa {Fm}poondhOttam
    {C}kottattum {Em}mELamdhAn {Am}andru {F}kAdhal {G}thErOttam

    {Em}oru kAdhal kadidham vizhi pOdum
    {Em}unnai kANum sabalam vara koodum
    {Fm}nee pArkkum pArvaihaL poovAhum
    {Fm}nenjukkuL thaikkindra muLLAhum
    {Em}kaNNE en {Fm}kaN patta {Cm}kAyam
    {Em}kai vaikka {Fm}thAnAga {Cm}ARum
    {Am}munnAlum {G}pinnAlum {F}thaLLAdum
    {Am}en mEni {G}en mEni {Em}un thOzhil {F}Adum {G}nAL

    Please do add your input / correction.

    The song is a classic example of use of Phygrian Mode. The melody follows the notes of Phygrian Mode notes. This means, starting from E all the whole notes without any sharp or flat notes are used – E F G A B C D E. This produces Sindhubhairavi raga notes if we take ‘s’ as ‘E’.

    As usual with all mode based songs, the feel of C Major is unavoidable and you can see the C, F & G chords above.

    We will see the complete tabs shortly and till then do try these chords and pick the notes from E to E.

    Enjoy playing this song…………………. Sathya
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  3. SATHYA167

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    Thanks a lot Senthil. One need more fluency over fretboard to play this number...... Sathya
  4. jimihndrx

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    Sathya Iam hearing the youtube version in Fmin.
  5. SATHYA167

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    May be you are right. Most of the songs by the legend Lataji are in F scale. I tried with a download from ''- a MP3 version. Half a step high should be good. You can put your version. Everyone will try including me....... Sathya
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    I'hv also downloaded the mp3 file from this time iam hearing it in Emaj scale..bit confused here!
  7. SATHYA167

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    It is no doubt that the song is in minor scale. The underlying western notes and the raga confirm the same. It is between E and F. The actual song could be in F scale. But the E Minor starting goes well with the raga notes. The raga goes like s r1 g2 m1 p d1 n2 S and so the western notes move from E to F (if I start the song in E). You get the feeling of major scale because this is a mode based song. I had already put this and we do come across the C Major feel in the song - C F G chords.

    I would like you to put your version in F Minor. Let us see how it goes between E and F Minor............. Sathya
  8. jimihndrx

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    yes Sathya u are right as you explained the Sindhubhairavi raagam structure.. I too now believe that the song is in minor scale.
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    Here we go with the tabs for this song. The tabs are set in E Minor scale notes following phygrian mode patten and sindhubhairavi ragam.

    Of course, there is a deviation in one place - just one accidental note G#.

    I have given the western notes as well this time...........

    Hope you will enjoy playing this song.

    Pick, play & enjoy............ and do post your views / comments............... Sathya

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  10. jimihndrx

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    Here's my take based on the youtube version..Fantastic composition from IR.
    And Sathya good work on chords & tabs.


    valaiyosai sala sala salavena kavidhaigal padiikkudhu
    (Fm)kulu kulu thendral (C#)katrum (F#)vee(Fm)sudhu

    (Fm)sila neram silu silu siluvena siru viral
    (Fm)pada pada thudiikkudhu engum (C#)dheham (F#)koo(Fm)sudhu

    (Fm)chinna (C#)pen penna(F#)lla vanna (Fm)poon dho(F#)ttam
    kotta(C#M7)ttum melam(C#)dhan andru (F#M7)kadhal (F#)thero(G#)ttam

    oru (Fm7)kadhal kadidham vizhi (Fm)podum
    unnai (G#)kanum sabalam vara (Fm)koodum

    (F#M7)nee parkkum parvaihal poova(F#)hum
    (F#M7)nenjukkll thaikkindra mulla(F#)hum

    (Fm)kanne en (F#)kan patta (Fm7)ka(C#M7)yam
    (Fm7)kai vaikka (F#M7)thanaga (Fm)aa(A#m)rum

    mun(A#m)nalum pin(G#)nalum thal(F#)ladum
    en (A#m)meni en (G#)meni un (F#)thozhil ladum (G#)nal
  11. SATHYA167

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    Thanks Jimi. I will try this. Dudes do try these chords ... Sathya
  12. SATHYA167

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    Jimi, I tried this. It is almost half step higher in every place. The 7 chords certainly add more flavour. I am still comfortable with E Minor - with the voice I hear in the MP3. Playing the melody in E octave also sounds better for me rather than playing in F octave. Let us hear the views of others.

    I sincerely thank you for your participation and coming out with your version. It is good to try various different combinations and the views of others. This is really really necessary for learning and taking things ahead in our learning process.

    Do continue to express your views / comments..... Expecting your views for my next thread posted just now.... Sathya
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    Very nice chords, Jimi & Sathya. Have observed that there is a semitone difference between youtube versions and others.
    Beautiful song selection, Sathya. Thank you.
  14. jimihndrx

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    Thanks Sathya for ur comments..
    I too learn many things from this forum.Interaction among members is a vital factor for learning new things and appreciate each others works.

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