Chords and strumming pattern Atif Aslam's meri kahani

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  1. nimish06

    nimish06 New Member

    Can ne one tell me the chords and the strumming patterns for Atif Aslam's meri kahani.
  2. Rockculture

    Rockculture New Member

    Lukin for the same !!!!!
  3. Hi...

    IN da starting a small appregio type and strum it for a short while...
    to wht i considered it strums dis way


    OK so da above chords r strummed... which is a combination of E5 & C#5 power
    thing... these chords r strummed wid a lil muting as well... for tht u have to figure out da
    pattern whilst hearing tht song ...
    [mute] [mute]

    Corrections and Suggestions are wellcome...

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