Chords and intro lead of Tu Jahan - Salaam Namaste

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    Song: Tu Jahaan
    Singer: Sonu Nigam and Mahalaxmi Iyer
    Music Director: Vishal-Shekhar
    Film: Salaam Namaste

    Guitar Lead in Intro (repeats before second antara as well):
    G|-----------------|--------7—7p5-5-5—4-4| x2

    tu jahan main wahan
    sang sang yuhn chaloon tere, jaise tera aasmaan

    jo dhoop nikli, chaaya ban jaaonga
    jo ho tu akeli, saaya ban jaaonga
    jo uljhan, mein ho mann, main behlaoonga

    *Male Voice after the lines and within interludes follow Em Bm Em sequence*

    *same as above*

    tum aa gaye ho, to jeena aaya hai
    khushiyon ka tumne, yeh jaal bichaya hai
    khoya hai khudko ya, sabh kuch paaya hai
    tu jahan main wahan….

    ho ghum ke badal, mujhpe tham jaane de
    bechainiyo ko, mujhse takraane de
    dukhti ho koi baat, mujhpe aane de

    dil sochta tha, ke koi apna ho
    koi raaz na ho, jo usse rakhna ho
    aankhein na kholoon main, shayad sapna ho

    tu jahan main wahan
    sang sang yuhn chaloon tere, jaise tera aasmaan

    *Note: Once again, I could not find a detailed post for the chords and intro guitar riff for this song from Salaam Namaste. I got hold of the DVD today and had to figure out the chords/intro riff of this song and that of the My dil goes mmmm. I hope that I have got the right chord sequence/guitar riff for this song. However, I also believe that sonu nigam sang this song in Fm, which was too high for me to sing. For those who can reach that scale without much strain, transpose the chords and also the riff accordingly. I hope to see comments/suggestions/corrections for this post soon.
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    excellent work.thax a lot for the intro tabs and chords...reps for u
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    nice tabbing man
    ur tabs & chords looked really good
    i will try them
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    Can u please make sheet music for this coz i'm a learner and know only to read the chords yet...

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