Chords and intro lead of My Dil Goes Mmmm-Salaam Namaste

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    Song: My Dil Goes Mmmmm
    Singer: Caralisa Monteiro and Shaan
    Movie: Salaam Namaste
    Music Director: Vishal-Shekhar

    Intro Guitar (also repeated before antara):



    aati hai woh aise chal ke, jaise jannat mein raheti hai
    dekhti hai sabko aaise, jaise sabko woh saheti hai
    par gusse main jab aaye, aur aankhein woh dikhlaye
    ladte ladte galti se muskaaye
    my dil goes mmmmmmmm

    *Chords same as above*
    karti hoon jab usse baatein, lagta hai sone waala hai
    soke jab jab bhi woh jaage, lagta hai rone waala hai
    par chupke se woh aaye, meri neend se mujhe jagaye
    le baahon mein aur khudh hi gir jaaye
    my dil goes mmmm - 4

    haan, woh na na karti hai, haan, bada akarti hai
    haan, thodi si ziddi hai, haan, akal se piddi hai
    jaate hain sab woh aaye, na aaye woh jaati hai
    tedhi in baaton se mujhko satati hai
    har waqt se pehle aana, sunna na koi bahana
    par dekhna mera rasta rozana
    my dil goes mmmmmmmm

    *Chords same as first stanza of antara*

    *For the last eight repeatations of “My dil goes mmmm”, chord sequences change to
    My dil goes mmmmmmmm

    Lyrics of last two stanza

    haan, picture mein rota hai, haan, khulle mooh sota hai
    haan, zara nalayak hai, haan, pitne ke layak hai
    jaane kya kehta hai, jaane kya karta hai
    sofe pe chadhta hai, pardo se ladta hai
    jab karne lage safaai, samjho ke shaamat aayi
    phir thak ke jab leta hai angdai
    my dil goes mmmm

    haan, thodi alag si hai, haan, thodi galat si hai
    haan, thoda alag sa hai, haan, thoda galat sa hai
    aisi bhi hogi woh aisa na socha tha
    aisa hi hoga woh aisa hi socha tha
    kyun lagta hai yeh apna, yeh sach hai yeh sapna
    dar lagta hai kahin ho na jaaye jhooth
    my dil goes mmmm

    *Note: I searched for the chords of this song in IGT but could not find a detailed one. There were a couple of posts for the tabs though. So, I decided to put in my version for this song. I have tried to get the right chord and prelude/interlude lead structure/sequence. The intro lead is repeated throughout the song, however, sometimes only the first two bars are played. So, listen to the song to get that straight. I hope to see comments/suggestions/corrections to this post.
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    REPS to you for the intro lead..;)
    I can't sing I'm not stressing on the chords..:p:
    Good work..;)

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    good one brother
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    Very good...

    Nice one dude...carry on...i havnt heard the i wont comment for that...but regarding the chords...PEACE !!!!!

    With Regards,
    Arindam Ray.
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    req with courtesy

    can anyone post "my heart goes" tabs with audio clip. i know it has been posted

    before by "Imran" but he has't provided the audio guidance. So plz... do it for me.

    I"ll be thankful
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    its sounds nice mannn.... nice wrk.. keep it up
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    can you please try to tabs this song.
    i really want it!
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    can any 1explain wat is h5p4 in da intro plssssssssss
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    chords are perfect...reps 4 u...
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    Raviction and kl12..thanks a lot. I am glad that you all liked the post.
    @sanju_string: 4h5p4 means first play the first string (e) on the 4th fret and then "hammer on" the same string on the 5th fret and then "pull on" back to the 4th fret. Remember that you will be striking the string only once with your plec which is at the begining of 4h5p4. The h5p4 is more like a quaver (if you prefer to use the conventional term).
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    Excellent work buddy
    ur posts are eally good
    post more rocking songs
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    4-4h5p4 how do play dat
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    awesome yaar ...
    keep it up..
    gr8 work..
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    cheers pal !!

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