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Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by madhura, Mar 29, 2005.

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    hey ppl,
    i thought this might be a good topic to discuss on this forum. lately, i have been reading such stuff as "healing power of music, how and why" or " psychological effects of chords or emotions in chords etc.I would like to know what you people think of it, or know more about it, that you would like to share.
    In the simple form, Chords are a combination of three or more notes that blend harmoniously when sounded together.
    i believe, the sound of different chords carry with them different emotional effect on us. Generally speaking, major chords sound happy. Minor chords sound angry, or possibly sad. Suspended chords leave you hanging in mid air. They create suspense or anticipation. may be thats why they are named like that, who knows. They sound and feel as though they should be resolved. Augmented chords are usually a setup. Like the suspended, you want them to resolve, but the augmented chord is more of a leading chord. or dominant?? It walks you into something like an entryway. Diminished chords may give you a feeling of continuance. yeah i know, these all feelings are subjective.... atleast i feel that way.... what do you think about all this stuff??
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    yea it ture 7 th chords are used in Classical...give u sad music
    fifths are used n Rock music gives u energy
    Major Gives u happy feeling
    n Minor gives u Mixed emotions....
  3. shak

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    well first a little correction ... umm ...chords are combination of 2 or more notes ...not 3 or more ... but doesnt matter i am sure u knew that ...
    coming to the topic ... i mean it really depends on teh player how he makes the chords sound like .. i mean i can make power chords sound down right sad ... i can put my low-e on super overdrive and still make it sound sad by doing slow bluesy bends and stuff, make it scream and anger by doin pinch harmonics .... and make it laugh by quick vibrato ... same is with the chord ... keep the chord progression slow and gentle and you can make people cry, do finger picking and you become romantic ... do quick slap strumming and you give out a feel of anger ... etc etc ...
    the blues chords are used in sad blues as well as cheery jazz music as well .... umm the song lucille by the bb is one of the best examples ... he made his guitar sing, cry and scream on the same scales and chords ... so what i am saying is that it really depends on how you play it ...not what you play ..
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    fundoo stuff... whn wil i lrn all this stuff ? *sigh*
  5. JAZZ

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    well struming also adds to give emotions with the chords played

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