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  1. Seelan

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    Ok firstly , would like to inform that I'm really newbie when it comes to 'names' of chords as in power chords or normal chords or whatever chords and that has seriously became my problem . Would like to know the names of the chords and what is the difference and when do I use them .

    For eg;

    lets use Am ... and since i don't know the difference in their names , I shall name it as 1st Format and 2nd Format .

    Am (1st Format)
    Am (2nd Format)
    So what is the difference in their name . I have been told by Jayswamy that the 2nd format is known as 'Power Chords' , so what is the 1st Format known as?

    Also , since most of the chords in the 1st format can be played as a power chord , how do i play chords such as Abm Ab in the 1st format ?

    Thirdly , how do I know when to play which kind of chords when the songs posted gives chords like Am , C , F , Em , G . Do I play in the 1st or 2nd format?

    Thank you :D
  2. maverick8218

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    Since you are a newbie, if I were you I wouldn't worry about power chords right now. The 'first format' that you have given is the open Am chord. As a newbie, I played most of the chords in their open position (except G, which i played in the barre form). I think that will be the way to start. So, just get the open finger positions of the chords that you'll be playing in the song n try playing the song. Hope it works for you.
    and another thing, chords just don't have 'first and second formats, there are loads of ways in which a chord can be played.
  3. Seelan

    Seelan Soldier Of Fortune

    but i've mastered the open chords .... so which kind of chords do i study n prac next ? is there any link in this site showing the position of the next set of chords ?

    thank you
  4. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :"(

  5. DrSaurabh

    DrSaurabh Wh@+s Up D0C

    the second format u mention isnt Am its just A5 or the power chord A.....power chords are basiclly chords which consist of the root and the fifth.....
  6. Seelan

    Seelan Soldier Of Fortune

    Subhro ... sorry bro , i don't quite understand that link (as in there wasn't really much of chords of the next step i'm lookin for ) .. is there any site with all the possible guitar chords??????
  7. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :"(

    well wht type of chrds r u lookin 4 ? :confused:
    u said u were vry much a newbie..
    da s/w i attached thr.. if u drag the 'Move me' button it wud show da chord configurations in diff positions of da fret board.. if u r talkin of lrnin various formats that is.
    also da site i gav u.. givs da various positions..
    if u need 2 kno chrds like Bmadd11 Gadd2 etc etc,
    thn thts nothr thing.. but u can still find thm in da site i guess..
    else send me ur mailid thru pm. i'l send u a pdf file thts got all those Bmadd11 stuff u need.. if thts wht u need..
  8. Seelan

    Seelan Soldier Of Fortune

    ohhhhhhhhh the site that you posted eh ??? lol , sorry was lookin at ..... a big thanks to ya , that site is superb! it has every single chord .... thanks alot bro!!!

  9. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :"(

    if u want try out tht s/w too that i attached thr.. 'chordwiz'
    its a cool 1 :)

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