Chords: Adi Vaanmathi - Siva (1989)

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    Composed by IR. Sung by SPB, Chithra.

    Raaga Jukebox

    Adi (F)vanmadhi en parvathi Kaadhali kan paaradi
    Thedi vandha devadasai kaana odi (Dm)va
    Adi (F)parvathi en parvathi
    (F)Paaru (Gm)paaru endraen (F)paarthal (Gm)aagadha
    (F)Paadum (Dm)paadalangae (C#aug)ketkaa(F)dha

    (F)China (C)roja itha(F)zh
    Adhu (F)kannam (C)naan endra(F)dhu
    (Dm)Paadum pullangu(F)zhal
    Un (F)baashai (C)naan endru (F)koorum
    (Dm)Koonthal alla Thongum (A)thottam
    (Dm)Thozhil saaindhaal Oonjal (A)aatum
    (Bb)Theyn thara meendum Nee vara vendum
    (C)Kann vaasal paarthathu Vaaa

    Rajesh :music:
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    Nice song and nice chords.... thanks Rajesh............. Sathya
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    Thx for the chords Rajesh.

    This is what I meant in the earlier posting, even the same tune repeats, the chords may have the variations in the original. Pls compare the F and Dm in the begining of the two lines.

    (F)China (C)roja itha(F)zh
    Adhu (F)kannam (C)naan endra(F)dhu

    (Dm)Paadum pullangu(F)zhal
    Un (F)baashai (C)naan endru (F)koorum
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    Boss is back! :) Excellent song selection, beautiful chords.
    Thank you,

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