Chords 4 chori chori - Kareeb

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    Chori chori - Kareeb

    Basic chords are : Em, Am, DM, CM

    Beat is Waltz which goes something like : 1 2 2, 1 2 2, 1 2 2... i hope u got what i want to say..

    The chords for chori chori are:
    Chori chori jab nazrein milli, chori chori jab neenden
    udi, chori chori fir dil nein
    kaha, chori(single waltz)
    Mein hi hain (single waltz)
    maza (hard strum)

    u'll find these good enough :cool: , if any difficulties :think: , then do let me know....... :)
  2. sumesh steephen

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    help me

    please give me next portion of chords of this song

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