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  1. mdraj

    mdraj New Member

    i want chord and rhythm of the song
    o amar ural pongkhire by Subir nondi.
    please give me open chord
  2. love_guitar

    love_guitar New Member

    Ekhane F ache, I don't know whether that's "open" or not.

    The rhythm is 4/4. Try any simple strumming pattern.

    O amar ural ponkhire ja ja tui ural diya ja
    Ami thakbo matir ghore amar chokhe bristi pore
    Tor hoibe megher upre basha

    O amar.........

    Amar mone bejai koshto shei koshto hoilo poshto
    Dui chokhe bhor korilo aadhar nirashaaa
    Tor hoibe megher upre basha
    O amar.........

    Meghoboti meghkumari megher upore thako
    Shukh dukkho dui bonere koler upore rakho
    Majhe moddhe kandon kora majhe moddhe hasha
    Meghoboti aaj niyeche megher upore basaha

    O amar....
  3. sayanakaharry

    sayanakaharry Forum Leader


    please take the trouble of reading the forum rules before posting. when you are requesting the chords of any song, there is a syntax you have to follow. the title of the thread you are starting should begin with REQ, followed by the name of the song, album and artist. requests which do not have this information will be deleted. be warned.
  4. mdraj

    mdraj New Member

    rythm ta bujhini.please wriet the rhythm useing 'U' and 'D'

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