Chord Request: Husn hai Suhana

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  1. arsalan62

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    I would Thank a zillion If any one can provide me with the Chords for "Husn hai Suhana" song from Coolie No. 1

    Here is a Link to the Video

    "Goriya Churana Mera Jiya" is a more famous line from the song which everyone can relate to, as it was smashing hit in the late 90's

    Thank you!
  2. jimihndrx

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    Song- Husn Hai Suhana
    Film- Coolie No.1
    Lyrics- Sameer
    Music- Anand-Milind
    Singers- Abhijit & Chandana


    {(G#m)Husn hai suhana ishq hai divana..roop kaa khajana aaj hai lutana
    (B)aake diwane mujhe (F#)seene se laga
    (F#)naa naa.. na(G#m)aaa..
    gori(G#m)ya churana meraa jiya
    gori(G#m)ya churana meraa jiya}-[2 times]

    (G#m)Karke ishara bulaye jawaani
    (B)aise lubhana (G#m)mujhe divanee
    (B)aise lubhana (G#m)mujhe divanee

    (G#m)Tere bina hai adhuri kahani
    (B)dunga tujhe main (G#m)koyee nishani
    (B)dunga tujhe main (G#m)koyee nishani

    (G#m)Aaja aa jao naa aaja aa jao naa dilbarjaani
    (G#m)Janejana o jana tu hai khwabo ki rani

    (B)apna banaungi ni(F#)gahe toh mila,
    gori(G#m)ya ne pagal mujhe kiya
    gori(G#m)ya ne pagal mujhe kiya
    gori(G#m)ya churana meraa jiya
    gori(G#m)ya churana meraa jiya

    rest is same
    (Slide from F# to G#m when he says Naa.. Naa.. Naa)

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  3. arsalan62

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    Thanks a Million "jimihndrx"! I really mean it!
    I was to play this song in front of a small gathering due to someone's request, or rather a challenge, on Sunday Afternoon. You Can Imagine how thankful I am! =))

    Just experimented and fits perfectly! I was previously playing it as

    Goriya churana mera Jiyaa

    Which of course did not sound right.

    Have to get my head down and practice tonight on the Chords you Provided! =))
  4. jimihndrx

    jimihndrx Guitar Hero

    u are welcome Arsalan and Good Luck for your show.

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