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  1. mukumo1718

    mukumo1718 New Member

    hiiiiiiiiii i m newbie in chords

    can any one tell what below means and how to play it......

    G - (355433)

    D5 - (x577xx)

    Em - (xx9987) o.k instead of "Em" if u play it like this "(x799xx)" It will still sound good as well.

    c5 - (x355xx)

    thanks in advance
    wating for ur reply...................................
  2. ashik_007

    ashik_007 New Member

    So this is how it works.

    Example, G - (355433), the number is the fret at which you play and they are in relation to each of the 6 strings i.e E,A,D,G,B,E
    So now G-(355433) means you play:
    E string (the thickest one) @ 3rd fret
    A string @ 5th fret
    D string @ 5th fret
    G string @ 4th fret
    B string @ 3rd fret
    E (the last one,the thinnest) @ 3rd fret

    and those 'X' means you do not play that string, i.e the relevant string shouldnt make any sound.
  3. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    See the order is as follows
    654321(6th being the thickest string)
    355433(these r the fret numbers)

    Initially i'll advice you not to try barred chords. G chord that u mentioned here is a barred chord. it can be played in a much simple manner for beginners. Which is
    320033. I am not good with the chord diagrams. So kindly search the forum you'll find everything.
  4. chatty_arko

    chatty_arko New Member

    Those are chord pattern given try u will understand it much better

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