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Discussion in 'Guitar Tablature Discussion' started by Dido, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. Dido

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    Hi, well i have a problem, there are chords like Bsus4 ( x24452) and G# ( 466544) and more like these like G#7 and so on , which i have problem playing, the tougher ones, i was reading in a forum that 244222 means 2442xx or some thing like that, so do you play all the above strings, or am i not reading the chords right, please help me as most of the songs includes chords like these and my fingers are not reaching the strings in the right way.
    And how do you place your fingers on 2 strings.
  2. jayanth

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    In a chord... YOu dont play the strings which have an x. 133211 is F you play all the strings.

    But if its represented as 1332xx. You play only the first four stings.

    If its represents as 133xxx its sort of a Power Chord.
  3. Dido

    Dido New Member

    ok, i know x means that you don't play that chord, but i am having problem playing chords like 464544, and in one of the junoon web site 577655.
    And one more thing what is a capo, whats its purpose.
  4. jayanth

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    If you know the F Chord shape, move it to the 5th position to play that chord.

    Ok Capo.....
    Some guitar necks cannot take the tension in the strings. So you can tune the strings low and use a Capo on the frets to increase the pitch.
  5. Zion

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    just download this software...

    super guitar finder... it will be the best for you
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    Any links to it Zion??
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    Nice link.. Add it to my colllection.. BTW this will be the 1000th link i have as of Today..
  9. sayanakaharry

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    one can also use a capo to get the benefit of first position chord shaped anywhere on the fingerboard. Like when you capo on fret 2, the first position shape for D 00232 becomes E. So its like a nice scale changer.
  10. jayanth

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    So very true.. .

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