chord--->>jotodure~warfaze (bangladesh)

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  1. rizz

    rizz *Always 420*

    G EM C D
    chupchap charidik matal hawa
    G EM C D
    pakhider kolahole mon je haray
    G EM C D
    hotath dhekhi tomake ochena sayay
    G EM C D
    amare sopne aka aje tumi
    AM C7 D
    nissobde ele tumi amare vubone
    AM C7 D
    godhuli hoye robe tumi amare chirokal
    G EM C D
    jotodurey thako robe amare
    G EM C D
    hariye jeona khokhono tumi
    G EM C D
    kotokal royeshi tomare poth cheye
    G EM C D
    kotokal ketesey tomare asate


    i m waiting 4 bangladeshi fans reply.... :beer:
  2. Rony HELL

    Rony HELL New Member

    I need the solo part for the song..
    Can any one help me?
  3. Bipul7

    Bipul7 New Member

    Warfaze er kichu ganer strum pattern chai. Pls help me.

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