Chord for Zindagi Bhar Tumhe Chahenge

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    Zindagi bhar tumhe chahenge tumhe pyar karenge (x 3)
    Aakhiri saans tak tumhara intezaar karenge

    (den it is repeated i gues..)

    dil ke darpan me khilta hai chehra tumhara
    tum bin zinda rehna mushkil hoga humara

    door rehne ka hum to shikwa baar baar karenge

    zindagi bhar tumhe chahege..same chords.. ;)

    and same same chord repeat..jst figure out..

    n wen the music is the E-F#m-E progression...

    dese are the chords on the original scale..

    If u r not comfortabl playin the barre chords..then either use the capo on 4th fret or play open..(but when u play open then u hav to sing at a low scale)

    then the chords wil be
    E = C
    F#m = Dm
    C#m = Am
    B = G
    A = F
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  3. Akash_Rajoria

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    use this simple strumming

    DDU UD

    n Congrats n All the best with the sweet thing you wanna do for your wife ... : - )

  4. vinayadhikari

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    Thanks Akash!
    Any suggestions on what kind of strumming will go with it well?
  5. vinayadhikari

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    Ok. Thanks.
  6. Akash_Rajoria

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    hmm.. ur welcome.. tried d chords? if u find dem usefull den add reps to my post.. : - ) : - p

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