Chookar mere man ko chords!!!

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    Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Neetu Singh, Amzad Khan, Tanuja
    Music Director: Rajesh Roshan
    Director: Rakesh Kumar
    Producer: Nadiadwala Ha
    Lyrics: Anjaan
    Year: 1981


    I pLay this song in Dmaj...the scale suits to my voice>I think the original scale is Fmaj.

    (D)chukar mere (A) man ko kiya(A7) tune kya (D)ishara
    (D)badla ye(G) mausam(A) lage pyara jag(D) sara.....(Bm)
    chukar mere man ko.....

    Chords for the music before Antara.
    Instrument used:Sitar,Violin and base flute

    (D)tu jo kahe jivan(F#m) bhar(Bm) tere liye main(G) gaun .....
    (D)tere liye(Em) maim(D) gaun ......
    (D)bol tere hotho(F#) par(Bm) lkhta chala(G) jaun....
    (D)likhta(Em) chala(D) jaun....

    (D)mere (G)gito me(A)tujhe dhudhe(D) jag sara....(Bm)

    chukar mere man ko......>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ENJOY!!!!!
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    Thanks buddy
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    badle yeh...part...try d7th(x5453x) this song is similar to obladi oblada from beatles...
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    someone please post it in the original scale..
    @roentgen..can u post your version please?

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