choli ke peeche kia hai" guyz TAB IT OUT !!!

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  1. bacha khan

    bacha khan New Member

    People try to tab this awesome song CHOLI KE PECHE
    im new to this community ,
    plz search " cholee ke peeche kya hai metal version- venom " on "youtube"

    Guitaristss plz tab this song out !!!!
  2. bacha khan

    bacha khan New Member

  3. Ramjaane_uk

    Ramjaane_uk New Member

    i know this! but not the full song, i know the tab for the main bit that goes choli ke peeche kya hai, i figured it out myself

    i am just busy at the moment, but i will will post this out very soon my friend
  4. Ramjaane_uk

    Ramjaane_uk New Member

    ok now here goes

    it can be played on any string really

    0-2-3-0000 - repeat 4 times

    sorry thats all i know to the song, i myself would like to know the full song...anyway my friend, practice this bit that i have given u, let me know if its sounds ok to u

  5. bacha khan

    bacha khan New Member

    thanks mate ! :D
    what i have managed so far is
    on the last string ..
    3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3 " ko ko ko ko "
    then 1-3-4-4-4-4 1-3-4-4 8-8-8-7-4-3-3
  6. Ramjaane_uk

    Ramjaane_uk New Member

    i made a mistake the last 4 notes are not 0000

    they are 2222

    carry on playing the 2 for (ke piche kya hai)

    do you understand me ?

    forget the 4 ....0's
    and replace them with 4 ....2's
  7. bacha khan

    bacha khan New Member

    guyzzz !!!!!! do somethingggg
  8. Ramjaane_uk

    Ramjaane_uk New Member

    so sorry it was my mistake, i meant to put the 2's

    i just want the rest of the song tabs

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