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  1. ziblu_bhoot

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    Hi Guys,

    Have a listen to my recording at the below location and let me know how do you find them. these are the songs sung by me @ home or with friends(@picnic).

    Well I must say that you guys have helped a lot by providing the chords. I have been using all the chords from this site.

    there are total of 8 songs as of now and I will keep on adding ,.....

    1) Bulla ki Jana ----- solo with guitar ...

    2) Ajeeb Dasta Hai Yeah ----- lead/rythm/shistle/hmmmm

    3) Do Lafzo ki hai ----- i like it.. its group song...girls taking the lead

    4) Sach Mere Yaar hai ----- this one is the best one ....cause guys were heard the most

    5) Mahi Vey(kante) ----- solo with guitar

    6) Kangna ----- solo with guitar

    7) Gulabi ankhe ----- solo with guitar

    8) Chehra hai ya chand khila ----- solo with guitar...inspired by beauty

    thanx and take care
  2. jainpiyush83

    jainpiyush83 New Member

    Hi Ziblu

    Just now listened to your recordings which i think are very good! Being a guitar beginner..i'm always puzzled by huge variety of chords existing for the same song. Your recordings look quite authentic as far as the original soundtrack is concerned. So can u please give the chords which u used in those recordings for the following songs. please use this same thread for posting reply to my request..its difficult to keep track with so many similier threads existing...

    1. Do lafzon ki hai
    2. Sach mere yaar hai
    3. Gulabi aankhen
    4. Chehra hai ya chand khila


  3. prog_man_0101

    prog_man_0101 Dain Bramaged

    Brilliant work man....
    Kudos 2 u....
    Gulabi Aankhen was just fantastic....
    It would be great if u post the chords of the song 2??????

    Anywayz....Great work......keep more comin.
    Reps 2 u....
  4. akkyy21

    akkyy21 #%@!$&

    Kick asssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    Reps for u,.. i heard only 2 songs that am familiar with
    >ajeeb dastan

    Both were awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    reps for u dude!!
  5. notty_lad

    notty_lad sudo undress

    Gulaabi aankhen .. OHHH MUh GOD!! .. cool cool cool .. reps for u :) .. keep 'em comin .. Some quality stuff comin up man .. like it!
  6. slipknot_555

    slipknot_555 RuHH..

    seems like u recorded directly from tv ????
  7. lan12

    lan12 New Member

    hey man, your recordings are pretty cool....specially Chehara hai chaan khila hai and Gulabi ankhe....keep it up man...vocals and guitar are pretty good...keep it up!!
  8. har1s

    har1s <b>Untitled</b>

    u got a really nice voice... mahive and gulabi aankhein were really awesome...keep up da good work dude!!!
  9. ziblu_bhoot

    ziblu_bhoot New Member

    Thank you guys...

    well i was goig thru the stats and was amazed to see 90 downloads... wow... thats huge..... thank you jainpiyush, prog_man, akkyy, notty_lad, slipknot, lan, har1s for visiting and hearing my recordings.

    I must say that all the chords I have used are from this site only. All I have to do is :

    1) find all the versions of one song from the site.
    2) check them up and see which one is the perfect one.
    3) then change the pitch (as per my voice, by changing the chords generally starting with A, F, Bm)
    4) listen to the song for 2 days
    5) and play n record.

    thank you all again for all those good words for my voice and guitar.... i am glad that you like the songs.....

    my next recordings will be
    1) hotel california - with full intro lead
    2) channa vey
    3) waqt -EP
    4) yeah hai mei kahani - strings
    5) maine dil se kaha - rog

    I am posting the chords for the songs
    1) gulabi ankhe
    2) chehra hai ya chand khila

    Hey piyush, trying to find the rest two chords ...will give you soon...

    gulabi ankhe

    A.........G...............F............. E

    La la la laLa la la la la la la la la lalalallalalalla- 3

    Am G F E
    gulabi aankhen jo teri dekhi sharabi yeh dil ho gaya
    Am G F E
    sambhalo mujhko o mere yaaro sambhalana mushkil ho gaya

    verse 2

    Am F
    dil me mere, khwaab tere,
    G E
    tasveere jaise ho deewar pe
    Am F
    tujh pe fida, main kyon hua,
    G E
    aata hai gussa mujhe pyaar pe

    Am G
    main lut gaya, maan ke dil ka kaha
    F E
    main kahi ka na raha, kya kahoon main dilruba

    Am G F E
    bura yeh jaadoo teri aankhon ka yeh mera kaatil ho gaya
    Am G F E
    gulabi aankhen jo teri dekhin sharabi yeh dil ho gaya

    verse 2

    Am F
    maine sada, chaha yahi,
    G E
    daaman bacha loon hasino se main
    Am F
    teri kasam, khwaabo mein bhi,
    G E
    bachata phira nazaneeno se main

    Am G
    tauba magar mil gayi tujhse nazar
    F E
    mil gaya dard-e-jigar, sun jara o bekhabar

    Am G F E
    jara sa haske jo dekha tune main tera bismil ho gaya
    Am G F E
    gulabi aankhen jo teri dekhin sharabi yeh dil ho gaya

    Song : Chehra hai ya
    Movie : Sagar
    Chords by: Pushkar Bapat

    Chehera hai ya chaand khila hai

    Zulfa ghaneri shaam hai kya

    G C
    Sagar jaisi aankhon wali

    Ye to bata tera naam hai kya.

    Am E
    Are tu kya jaane teri khatir

    Kitna hai betaab ye dil

    Am E
    Tu kya jaane dekh raha hai

    G Am
    kaise kaise khwaab ye dil

    (The rythm for the following lines is just
    rapid downward strokes I think 8 in one measure)

    Yeh arman hai shor nahi ho

    Khamoshi ke mele ho

    A D
    Is duniya mein koi nahi ho

    G Am
    Hum dono hi akele ho

    Then the rest of the songs is just repeatation of the first
    part except for the music and chorus. The chord sequence for
    the chorus goes something like this:

    Em Am G B Am.


    take care
  10. ziblu_bhoot

    ziblu_bhoot New Member

    just a lil note

    well Gulabi ankhe and chehra hai ya chand khila were driven by a special encounter (@ cafe coffee day :) ), so i belive the feelings in the song(s) are evident ;)
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  11. Acoustic_Allure

    Acoustic_Allure New Member

    Ziblu..classic songs and very well played...also your friends sing good as well.
    Reps your way!
  12. ziblu_bhoot

    ziblu_bhoot New Member

  13. dipudosti

    dipudosti New Member

    cooooooollllllll work

    :nw: hatttttsssssssss offfffffffffffff..........ziblu_bhoot
  14. ds10

    ds10 New Member


    do you have tabs for the songs that you have listed? thanks.
  15. ds10

    ds10 New Member

    from your list, im particularly looking for tabs for

    3) Do Lafzo ki hai
    4) Sach Mere Yaar hai
    5) Mahi Vey(kante)

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