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    waring:maybe it could ruin your life .but i'd rather leave the decision on you.
    ( this is my attempt to educate the young. )

    well i am talking about ALCOHOL. ..............................(ok i am not high right now . just a little a severe headache.)

    let me begin with simple things.what we drink actually contains alcohol in different proportions( boring....just wait).
    i call it gods own drink but people call it differently. an infinite number of names.
    just a little detail. any thing that is kept in the range of hard or hot has 42 to 43 %alcohol( this includes all whisky brandy rum vodka gin...etc). beer has 6 to 8 % . wine 16 to 18 %. ............drooling.
    how do we measure it ??
    one small peg is 30 ml.( that is out of the bottle not pure alcohol )
    large is 60 ml..... so calculate double large on your own.
    the thing is apart from pouring that amount one is also supposed to add a water or soda or any other from of liquid to dilute it.( not more alcohol you cant dilute it
    so the question : whats the limit ?? well every one has their own limit of alcohol tolerence. those who are used to drinking regularly might understand this but if you are new to it remember this.
    1. always make sure your drink is properly diluted . thats important.
    2. try to limit your intake. most of the times two pegs are enough to get that decent high where one becomes a little talkitive and enjoys the party.
    3. if you plan to drink more or you are stuck in a situation where you have to keep on drinking (because the male factor ) drink slowly. actually the effects of alcohol also depend upon the speed at which you drink.but try to refrain your self from overdoing this.
    4. never drink and drive.

    i call these cardinal rules . lets see what could go wrong if you break them
    1. dont consume concentrated drinks. the reason is. the more it is concentrated the faster it gets absorbed. so the sooner you loose control. things can slip out of hand if you are not careful enough.
    2. well if you think you should be that all amazing party guy do remember how much you drink or else you might go around puking all over yourself.
    3. this is your own decision.
    4. you could die. of my friends is still in coma, two months have already gone. since i have seen the reports i know he is never coming back.

    so far so good . my plan for writing this was not to teach how to begin drinking. i wanted every body to be aware as to what might go wrong whether you are a regular or a novice.
    ok. this will not be another technical lesson on liver cirrhosis. i wont mention it.
    things that can go wrong..
    drinking alcohol is one of the most common reasons of acidity. now acidity --> stomach ulcers --> cancer. dont think it can not happen to you . it can.

    neurological effects.. few of them are directly related to memory and learning . that means drinking alcohol makes you less sharp. gradually you loose your abilty to concentrate on learning and memorising.
    besides this it has a direct effect on the motor control. that is it damages the nerves permanently that is fine tremors while you are trying to use your hands to do something tricky, playing your guitar for example. it also damages your brain. ( so does tv .lol.)

    cancers . of all sorts. dont ask me to mention names i could write a book. females are especially at a greater risk. now this is very much geneticaly determined.

    this is just an introduction . the things i have mentioned are not dose dependent. they are valid as long as you drink more than once a week.( it could happen to any body )

    i dont want to give details on excess drinking .i think most the peopple already know that. lol.

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  2. shak

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    nice one vish ... though i must sya the cons aer greater than the pros .. just quit it! not even a casual drink and your body will be thankful to you ...
  3. rocksta

    rocksta Live Fast Die Young

    nice vish...reps fer u.atleast sum ppl discussin it.
    thing is ppl shuldnt be scared to death after readin this ;)
    me being goan wuld consider it blasphemy to stop alcohol or even mention stoppin it.
    liquids like wine, beer dont do much harm if repeat IF taken in moderate amts.
    infact beer and wine drinkin is a culture in goa.
    and like suk guy said...its good to lose urself 1ce a while as long as u can come back.

    Cheeers! :beerbob: :beer: :drunk:
  4. vish_rocks

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    thanks shak .. i am glad some one actually replied. a casual drink does almost no harm but the problem comes when it becomes too casual.

    thankyou rocksta for the reps. i had actually thought of writting on smoking but then the post would have become very long . i might write that some day.
  5. rocksta

    rocksta Live Fast Die Young

    and be specific ok?differentiate betwn smokin nicotine an smokin weed...:beerbob:

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